History log of /frameworks/base/core/java/android/accounts/Account.java
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3710f390968e683a0ad3adf0b517dfcade3564ce 13-Aug-2009 Fred Quintana <fredq@google.com> - changed removeAccount() to be handled by the AccountAuthenticator and to return a boolean
- changed the IAccountManager API to use oneway IPCs
- changed the AccountManager to not have to start a thread for any of the calls (versus every call)
a698f4276968d078b1b9e2f3738c4f559a3307b2 09-Apr-2009 Fred Quintana <> AI 145177: phase two of the AccountManager
- added an AccountManagerActivity, a base Activity that can be
used by activities that are launched by AccountAuthenticator
intents. This makes it easy for an Activity to send a result
using an AccountAuthenticatorResponse
- added debug strings to the AccountAuthenticatorCache
- improved the API for the AccountAuthenticatorResponse and
made it Parcelable so that it can be passed to an Activity
via an Intent
- changed the AccountManager to use Futures for the
asynchronous calls and to notify the user via a callback
when the request is complete
- changed the AccountManager to convert any errors that are
returned into Exceptions
- added constants for the error codes that are passed across
the IAccountManagerResponse and
IAccountAuthenticatorResponse interfaces
- added a dump() method to the AccountManagerService so that
it can display the list of active sessions and registered
- added an way to interrogate the AccountManagerService for
the list of registered authenticators
- removed more methods from the GoogleLoginServiceHelper and
GoogleLoginServiceBlockingHelper and changed the callers to
use the AccountManager

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603073430bbcb1bd29db7afb9b14e2732ad589fb 25-Mar-2009 Fred Quintana <> Automated import from //branches/master/...@142414,142414