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ec4a50428d5f26a22df3edaf7e5b08f41d5cb54b 04-Apr-2012 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Embed layout padding in nine patch images

- Added a new custom PNG chunk that carries the layout padding ints.
- Extract the padding ticks from .9.png images and store in the chunk.
- Load the padding information at runtime into Bitmap and NinePatchDrawable.

- The new chunk is ordered first so that it doesn't cause a problem in older
versions of the platform.

Bug: 6087201

Change-Id: I5de46167a1d44b3ec21065b0c165e594b1dc8399
fb2cfa223b47db3ee46df22dcdb92f4fb013dcdd 03-Feb-2012 Chih-Chung Chang <chihchung@google.com> Comment out a warning message to avoid log spamming.

The warning message happens a lot when the region decoder is used (like
viewing a picture in the Gallery app).

Change-Id: I435f92eac8f322b091f3ed14ee48d0b5f0d84a8a
3762c311729fe9f3af085c14c5c1fb471d994c03 06-Jan-2012 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Rename (IF_)LOGE(_IF) to (IF_)ALOGE(_IF) DO NOT MERGE

See https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/#/c/157220

Bug: 5449033
Change-Id: Ic9c19d30693bd56755f55906127cd6bd7126096c
cf6f7a0f006c0fcf59bb634cbe79f2a8500fd92a 13-Apr-2011 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Don't allocate a raw object then call its constructor manually...

We can do this in one step.

Change-Id: Id6b70c83002038caf62fe89cc769eca54ae0c055
69a017bc1d1649350f830dfada5c6ed5eac0b770 08-Apr-2011 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> More JNI exception-throwing cleanup.

There are a few (unimportant) bug fixes here. There were several attempts to
throw exceptions in situations where there's already a pending exception.

There were also cases where the code was wrong; it was checking for a NULL
return from Get*ArrayElements and throwing NPE, but passing NULL is an error
that causes a crash and a NULL return means an exception has already been
thrown. I didn't want to get into the Scoped* classes just yet, but that
was by far the easiest way to fix this.

Change-Id: I0b31160ee51b96e82539f6514b8412b149dba7c3
8451b25a4422656bbd6657a5855e69c0f4d53c74 08-Apr-2011 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Use jniThrowException for exception throwing from native code.

I'll do media and the generated gl stuff separately. Otherwise, this
cleans up all direct calls of ThrowNew/Throw except the one in the
binder that needs to remain.

Change-Id: I8f95a5f020f53b25926ad31ac0c9477ddf85d04b
90f4c18a868aa921feae953e380a2f9f6a4ade38 08-Feb-2011 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Use JNI helper function to get buffer address

This replaces the Get/Release sequence with a call to

Bug 3409356

Change-Id: I847fd67ac71d904fef0c807ac25a29f802e6cd45
2118b25ad422e946d4d87e191c5710bfacd7503e 18-Dec-2010 Carl Shapiro <cshapiro@google.com> Eliminate tracked allocations and the inNativeAlloc option.

Change-Id: Ic10b2b41a26925d799e5d1e50be77fc480ec0f17
a2f0e2d6b7f9dff3a52dd78d6db307070a71e9b2 16-Dec-2010 Patrick Dubroy <dubroy@google.com> Allow a JNI local ref to be passed directly into globalRef().

Change-Id: If3063e88ec1eba7a13c983f5f71be6a2d84c4d60
afde46ed008f150e45e1b0d7e1dc588fc047b74f 15-Dec-2010 Patrick Dubroy <dubroy@google.com> Turn fatal assertion in decodeRegion into a warning.
e4ac2d6b5723c95e648c489b187ddde449452c13 01-Dec-2010 Patrick Dubroy <dubroy@google.com> Allocate bitmap backing buffers in the Java heap.

Change-Id: I60f6ccff13357c1c518e9d56b02fe0171637edd1
e224fabb2c59e9f1274c3569c04b91787824add0 30-Sep-2010 Owen Lin <owenlin@google.com> Fix segfault when tring to throw IOException.

Change-Id: I530cc4409ba4ca17cec933afad077c5f60ba554f
6b849e2123be98eb2a1a25b8abf0b13a279ce952 07-Sep-2010 Wei-Ta Chen <weita@google.com> Unhide BitmapRegionDecoder.

1. Rename LargeBitmap to BitmapRegionDecoder
2. Move the instantiations of BitmapRegionDecoder out of BitmapFactory.
3. Remove the use of MemoryFile in BitmapRegionDecoder, since MemoryFile's API had been modified in master. Otherwise, the change will break the master build.
4. Move AssetStreamAdaptor, AutoFDSeek and nullObjectReturn to Utils.h because BitmapFactory.cpp and BitmapRegionDecoder.cpp both need to use these utility functions.

Most of the modifications, except for (2) and (3), were reviewed in https://android-git.corp.google.com/g/#change,64716 .
However, that change broke the master build due to (3) and was reverted eventually.
So, instead of withdrawing this change and waiting for that change to be checked in again, I merge the two changes into one.

Change-Id: I2202c0fbbbd6d6676bbd9637e690023ea4099c40
edf7223bc2972b99306e31c5b424c365d9248817 08-Sep-2010 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Remove dead code: NIOBuffer.

Working on speeding up our NIO implementation, I came across this suboptimal
code. Happily, it turns out to be unused.

Bug: 2935622
Change-Id: I07ae6e573d63e439f496d55af215b34598d8258a
291303ba3dbb3a0173bcc82ded595ca75df7b50e 18-Aug-2010 Wei-Ta Chen <weita@google.com> Fix a bug, where one thread is using JNIEnv associated with another thread.

We see abort messages like this when using JavaPixelAllocator and JavaMemoryUsageReporter.
W/dalvikvm( 680): JNI WARNING: threadid=2 using env from threadid=10
W/dalvikvm( 680): in Landroid/graphics/LargeBitmap;.nativeClean (I)V (CallVoidMethodV)

To fix it, we keep JavaVM, rather than JNIEnv, in JavaPixelAllocator and JavaMemoryUsageReporter,
because JavaVM allows us to get the JNIEnv corresponds to the current thread.

Change-Id: Ibd4b394a53dd3fdccc5a442eeb0dedf836479575
f1f48bc7f200f54c76b22d845d8ba8419879b375 19-Jul-2010 Joseph Wen <josephwen@google.com> Do JPEG tile-based decoding.

Change-Id: I5c1b4ac3c02eb4350ef0ba9a7877b22cfd730cfb
1a9c27c312ba20b2ceafcde18ce451724782d2a5 06-Mar-2010 Ficus Kirkpatrick <ficus@android.com> Add a LOG_TAG for android.graphics.Graphics JNI.

It occasionally logs when it fails an allocation but wasn't
defining one before.

Change-Id: Ifc41addc870eb126616ad44465638423d51568d9
c04851fd0af87f44a7d7351e0c17442fa1d3fc28 28-Oct-2009 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> add boundary patch
de0dfb7b65a02d4dd74c271b558adee0973fc267 23-Sep-2009 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix issue #2125720 Weather Forecast Widget - graphics do not scale

I forgot to add the new density field to the Bitmaps' parcelable data.

Change-Id: I77cf3e93e356297e0caed6fc71b62b5cd8f79124
11ea33471e1a14a8594f0b2cd012d86340dd3bd8 23-Jul-2009 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Allow for screen density drawables in compatibility mode.

This change allows us to use drawables that match the current screen
density even when being loaded in compatibility mode. In this case,
the bitmap is loaded in the screen density, and the bitmap and
nine-patch drawables take care of accounting for the density difference.

This should be safe for existing applications, for the most part, since
they shouldn't really be pulling the bitmap out of the drawable. For
the small rare chance of them breaking, it worth getting the correct
graphics. Also this will only happen when there is actually a resource
of the matching density, and no existing apps should have resources for
anything besides the default density (though of course all of the
framework resources will be available in the native density).

As part of this, the bitmap density API has been changed to a single
integer provider the DPI unit density.
1b22b979256cf163ab9bbfd4fcfa16a8ce862ed1 17-Jul-2009 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> add hidden Options field for native allocations
9066cfe9886ac131c34d59ed0e2d287b0e3c0087 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
d83a98f4ce9cfa908f5c54bbd70f03eec07e7553 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
d24b8183b93e781080b2c16c487e60d51c12da31 11-Feb-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //branches/cupcake/...@130745
f013e1afd1e68af5e3b868c26a653bbfb39538f8 18-Dec-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Code drop from //branches/cupcake/...@124589
54b6cfa9a9e5b861a9930af873580d6dc20f773c 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution