History log of /frameworks/base/core/res/res/xml/password_kbd_qwerty_shifted.xml
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79a02b15850347a2e932272b21b14c0c2b3faf50 30-Jul-2011 Jim Miller <jaggies@google.com> Fix 5044158: layout and asset work on lockscreen PIN mode

Fix PIN entry layout issues on hdpi, large-mdpi and xhdpi devices where emergencyCallButton was partially off-screen.

Copy button assets from latinIME for PIN screen.

Make PIN keyboard horizontal and vertical gaps configurable.

Change-Id: I415fcd83f02971b987c3df418d4114b8e1ab3945
8171b5182f5f07d33c9dfdf2dd8f0f6ae9588039 05-Aug-2010 Jae Yong Sung <jysung@google.com> lock screen for xlarge

Change-Id: Iab9f53609bf24be774752a9960aaaa654d7a614f
280b6023cb77be1cd18f20c0c6a169eba1ed35dc 10-Feb-2010 Jim Miller <jaggies@google.com> Fix 2373088: Cleanup and minor fixes to PasswordKeyboard*.
0b31970cac04259a6e20dfc6d6e42cd9532528e3 06-Feb-2010 Jim Miller <jaggies@google.com> Fix 2402303: Split Keyboard widget from LatinIME into reusable PasswordEntryKeyboardView

- Added new PasswordEntryKeyboardView to internal/widgets. Widget supports:
- alpha mode with symbols (latin-1 only).
- a numeric keyboard
- IME emulation that applies keyboard input to arbitrary top-level view widget.
- Added new transparent assets to framework resources.
- Modified Keyguard and Keyguard layouts to use new PasswordEntryKeyboardView.