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5def66ed84f08faefd0f7db21ea2943dde3f4830 29-Sep-2012 Robert Greenwalt <rgreenwalt@google.com> Re-add default sms_short_codes.

The new gservices-delivered file may not appear on all devices, so
we should give better defaults.

Change-Id: Id525f7f101f92a203cc4135f293cbc3769c2a4e0
c6fa237daeaae6107174a9b9d4f591ea8cd26d86 24-Sep-2012 Robert Greenwalt <rgreenwalt@google.com> Use updatable file for premium-sms filter

The data is really to big for a gservices-driven secure setting.

Change-Id: Ie3d4a1a0aeb69b9ef8fad360fa7ec32e927644e8
b4bc99e847d15f04c035d676e01ff85623565e0a 03-Jan-2012 Jake Hamby <jhamby@google.com> Add user confirmation dialog before sending SMS to short code.

Non-system apps now require user confirmation before sending an SMS
to a short code that may potentially cost the user money. The number
is tested against regex patterns for short codes for the country
matching the user's SIM card or network. The user is warned if the
phone number is potentially or definitely a premium SMS number.

The regex patterns are loaded from core/res/res/xml/sms_short_codes.xml.
If the user's country is not found, then phone numbers of 5 digits or less
(excluding known emergency phone numbers) are considered to be potential
SMS short codes.

Command to run test cases:
$ runtest -c com.android.internal.telephony.SmsUsageMonitorShortCodeTest frameworks-telephony

Bug: 5513975
Change-Id: Ic0b483153390e974c632302f3061300bc2a2274a