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6ec6f79e1ac1714e3b837796e99f07ff88f66601 18-Apr-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Support loading keyboard layout overlays from resources.

Added the concept of a keyboard layout overlay, which is
a key character map file that has "type OVERLAY".

Added support for loading keyboard layout overlays from
resources dynamically. The layouts are reloaded whenever they
are changed in the Settings application or an application
is installed. This is somewhat more aggressive than necessary
so we might want to optimize it later.

Before system-ready, the input system uses just the generic
keyboard layouts that are included on the device system image.
After system-ready, it considers the user's selected keyboard
layout overlay and attempts to load it as necessary. We need to
wait until system-ready before doing this because we need to
be in a state where it is safe to start applications or access
their resources.

Bug: 6110399
Change-Id: Iae0886d3356649b0d2440aa00910a888cedd8323
9df6e7a926ce480baf70e97ee1b9ea387193f6ad 05-Apr-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Initial commit of InputManager and keyboard layout API.

Added a new InputManager service for interacting with input
devices and configuring them. This will be the focus of
an upcoming refactoring.

Added an API for registering keyboard layouts with the system
based on the use of a broadcast receiver. Applications can
register their own keyboard layouts simply by declaring a
broadcast receiver in their manifests.

Added the skeleton of a package that will ultimately contain
the keyboard layouts and other input device related resources
that are part of the base system.

Bug: 6110399
Change-Id: Ie01b0ef4adbd5198f6f012e73964bdef3c51805c