History log of /frameworks/ex/photoviewer/src/com/android/ex/photo/adapters/PhotoPagerAdapter.java
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114cef99189d693ed9cd8cf778a60823d06d5298 29-Aug-2012 Paul Westbrook <pwestbro@google.com> Fix crash in email with attachments

There isn't a need to call swapCursor in a runnable

Bug: 7072747
Change-Id: I0a0a9b6835acc4a1d1748c94f4d8bec4551638b0
76aca5f8ae1a795aa4f351209a41545b6b3ade6e 07-Aug-2012 Andrew Sapperstein <asapperstein@google.com> Made title and subtitle not show immediately.

Fixes an issue where we used to show the app title
for an instant before getting the data for the photo.
Now we show nothing until we have the photo data.

Change-Id: I2a77b18af2ec2051848c188e0dad7ca04be4f285
8085e1fcda882074ed387d3e999c448a84d6eb3b 27-Jul-2012 Andrew Sapperstein <asapperstein@google.com> Partial fix of 6890014.

No longer crashing. But the attachment is now
in a very weird state.

Change-Id: If688d9c19a81124cbd1ecd0266821800f76f3c74
d19540fb7139fc0baba3b55260a6aabdb029c831 24-Jul-2012 Andrew Sapperstein <asapperstein@google.com> Support showing previews in the photo viewer.

The photo viewer now supports the notion of a
preview of the full image. The preview is not
pinchable in any manner and displays a circular
progress bar over top of it while we are downloading
the full version of the image.

To enable this functionality, there is a new column
in the PhotoContract API called thumbnailUri. If it is
not set to null and if the attempted load of the contentUri
is unsuccessful, we will attempt to load a thumbnail version
that will show until the contentUri is finished loading.

Change-Id: I5547a5fc6a30ee6a30f137dc1dee76a77fb5b304
a6729336171ef61950d5f585b0f39c013ae6dcbc 21-Jul-2012 Andrew Sapperstein <asapperstein@google.com> Reloading bitmaps if cursor updates.

Change-Id: I5624e533d4f35255028cd1a31508dabdb33dfe7f
1cc4b2144a45abb495c8b14f6cfc5a10fb5e8ba8 23-Jun-2012 Andrew Sapperstein <asapperstein@google.com> Initial import of the photo viewer.

Change-Id: Ia6b1cb2ae3b40ef004823a0d84fe3c2f52ed66e9