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H A Dint_lib.h38 di_int all; member in union:__anon1230
53 du_int all; member in union:__anon1232
73 ti_int all; member in union:__anon1234
88 tu_int all; member in union:__anon1236
105 return r.all;
112 return r.all;
H A DAsmGenerator.java196 TreeMap<String, byte[]> all = new TreeMap<String, byte[]>();
204 all.put(name, b);
211 all.put(name, b);
218 all.put(name, b);
225 createJar(new FileOutputStream(mOsDestJar), all);
233 * @param all The map of all classes to output.
236 void createJar(FileOutputStream outStream, Map<String,byte[]> all) throws IOException { argument
238 for (Entry<String, byte[]> entry : all.entrySet()) {
276 * 1- For "mock" dependencies classes, we want to remove all cod
H A DUiSelector.java506 * sibling widgets as well all child widgets under a parent.
838 String dumpToString(boolean all) { argument
912 if(all)
918 if(all)
924 if(all)
930 if(all)
H A DApplicationThreadNative.java523 boolean all = data.readInt() != 0;
528 mi = dumpMemInfo(fd.getFileDescriptor(), checkin, all, args);
1145 public Debug.MemoryInfo dumpMemInfo(FileDescriptor fd, boolean checkin, boolean all, argument
1152 data.writeInt(all ? 1 : 0);
H A DIApplicationThread.java128 Debug.MemoryInfo dumpMemInfo(FileDescriptor fd, boolean checkin, boolean all, argument
H A DActivityThread.java201 // XXX For now we keep around information about all packages we have
803 // This function exists to make sure all receiver dispatching is
889 boolean all, String[] args) {
893 return dumpMemInfo(pw, checkin, all);
899 private Debug.MemoryInfo dumpMemInfo(PrintWriter pw, boolean checkin, boolean all) { argument
907 if (!all) {
3498 // we can't clean up all windows here. Note that we can't do
4289 // all system is up. This includes the connectivity service, so don't
4765 * for all reference counted providers is one. Providers that are not reference
4766 * counted do not have a reference count (at all)
888 dumpMemInfo(FileDescriptor fd, boolean checkin, boolean all, String[] args) argument
H A DIntent.java134 * all of the other Intent attributes become optional.</p>
157 * -- Display all pickers for data that can be opened with
204 * Intent against all of the &lt;intent-filter&gt; descriptions in the
229 * <li> <p>The <b>categories</b>, if supplied, must <em>all</em> be listed
355 * <li> <p><b>{ }</b> matches all of the
363 * displays a list of all the notes under
594 * of all possible flags.
793 * activities a preferred activity, and all possible activities will
900 * bring up a list of all of the types of content the user can attach.
1152 * Activity Action: List all availabl
3420 Intent(Intent o, boolean all) argument
H A DActivityManagerService.java204 // The flags that are set for all calls we make to the package manager.
504 * Keeps track of all IIntentReceivers that have been registered for
549 * State of all active sticky broadcasts per user. Keys are the action of the
550 * sticky Intent, values are an ArrayList of all broadcasted intents with
553 * for stickies that are sent to all users.
568 * waiting to receive all of the thumbnails for a task.
643 * List of initialization arguments to pass to all processes when binding applications to them.
814 * protect all related state.
1649 // We need to tell all apps about the system property change.
1677 // log all other
9560 boolean all; field in class:ActivityManagerService.ItemMatcher

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