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H A DELFSegmentFactory.cpp36 ELFSegmentFactory::find(uint32_t pType, uint32_t pFlagSet, uint32_t pFlagClear) function in class:ELFSegmentFactory
50 ELFSegmentFactory::find(uint32_t pType, function in class:ELFSegmentFactory
H A DLDSectionFactory.cpp40 LDSection* LDSectionFactory::find(const std::string& pName) function in class:LDSectionFactory
H A DSectionMap.cpp62 SectionMap::iterator SectionMap::find(const std::string& pInput) function in class:SectionMap
H A DSectionMerger.cpp29 SectionMerger::iterator SectionMerger::find(const std::string& pName) function in class:SectionMerger
50 iterator it = find(pName);
52 // check if we can find a matched LDSection.
53 // If not, we need to find it in output context. But this should be rare.
70 iterator it = find(pName);
H A DUniqueGCFactory.h46 DataType* find(const KeyType& pKey) { function in class:mcld::UniqueGCFactoryBase
47 typename KeyMap::iterator dataIter = f_KeyMap.find(pKey);
53 const DataType* find(const KeyType& pKey) const { function in class:mcld::UniqueGCFactoryBase
54 typename KeyMap::const_iterator dataIter = f_KeyMap.find(pKey);
61 typename KeyMap::iterator dataIter = f_KeyMap.find(pKey);
74 typename KeyMap::iterator dataIter = f_KeyMap.find(pKey);
H A DSearchDirs.cpp45 mcld::sys::fs::Path* SearchDirs::find(const std::string& pNamespec, mcld::Input::Type pType) function in class:SearchDirs
H A DMemoryArea.cpp56 Space* space = find(pOffset, pLength);
126 Space* MemoryArea::find(size_t pOffset, size_t pLength) function in class:MemoryArea
139 const Space* MemoryArea::find(size_t pOffset, size_t pLength) const function in class:MemoryArea
H A DAString.cpp253 ssize_t AString::find(const char *substring, size_t start) const { function in class:android::AString
H A DCameraMetadata.cpp208 camera_metadata_entry_t CameraMetadata::find(uint32_t tag) { function in class:android::camera2::CameraMetadata
219 camera_metadata_ro_entry_t CameraMetadata::find(uint32_t tag) const { function in class:android::camera2::CameraMetadata
H A DBasicHashtable.h33 // may need to seek further along the chain to find the entry.
68 ssize_t find(ssize_t index, hash_t hash, const void* __restrict__ key) const;
275 * find the first matching entry.
279 inline ssize_t find(ssize_t index, hash_t hash, const TKey& key) const { function in class:android::BasicHashtable
280 return BasicHashtableImpl::find(index, hash, &key);
301 * to continue iterating over the hashtable using next() or find().
H A DBpBinder.cpp61 void* BpBinder::ObjectManager::find(const void* objectID) const function in class:android::BpBinder::ObjectManager
298 return mObjects.find(objectID);
H A DBasicHashtable.cpp109 ssize_t BasicHashtableImpl::find(ssize_t index, hash_t hash, function in class:android::BasicHashtableImpl
H A DString8.cpp379 ssize_t String8::find(const char* other, size_t start) const function in class:android::String8
549 // find the last dot
H A DBasicHashtable_test.cpp128 static ssize_t find(BasicHashtable<TKey, key_value_pair_t<TKey, TValue> >& h, function in namespace:android
130 return h.find(index, hash_type(key), key);
136 ssize_t index = find(h, -1, key);
216 ssize_t index = find(h, -1, 8);
222 ASSERT_EQ(index, find(h, -1, 8));
226 index = find(h, index, 8);
232 index = find(h, -1, 8);
241 ssize_t index = find(h, -1, int(i));
247 ASSERT_EQ(index, find(h, -1, int(i)));
251 index = find(
H A DSimpleSessionDescription.java568 private int find(String key, char delimiter) { method in class:SimpleSessionDescription.Fields
585 int index = find(key, delimiter);
604 int index = find(key, delimiter);
H A DWebViewProvider.java200 public int findAll(String find); argument
202 public void findAllAsync(String find); argument
H A DWebView.java307 * Interface to listen for find results.
311 * Notifies the listener about progress made by a find operation.
315 * @param isDoneCounting whether the find operation has actually completed. The listener
1325 * Registers the listener to be notified as find-on-page operations
1340 * last find operation, this function does nothing.
1351 * Finds all instances of find on the page and highlights them.
1354 * @param find the string to find
1355 * @return the number of occurances of the String "find" that were found
1360 public int findAll(String find) { argument
1374 findAllAsync(String find) argument
H A DWebViewClassic.java1207 // Used to notify listeners about find-on-page results.
1235 // Used by the chrome stack to find application paths
3618 public int findAll(String find) { argument
3619 return findAllBody(find, false);
3623 public void findAllAsync(String find) { argument
3624 findAllBody(find, true);
3627 private int findAllBody(String find, boolean isAsync) { argument
3630 if (find == null) return 0;
3632 mFindRequest = new WebViewCore.FindAllRequest(find);
3658 * If false and text is non-null, perform a find al
H A Dandroid_util_Binder.cpp381 sp<JavaDeathRecipient> find(jobject recipient);
530 sp<JavaDeathRecipient> DeathRecipientList::find(jobject recipient) { function in class:DeathRecipientList
819 LOG_FATAL_IF(clazz == NULL, "Unable to find class android.os.Binder");
903 LOG_FATAL_IF(clazz == NULL, "Unable to find class");
1151 // If we find the matching recipient, proceed to unlink using that
1154 sp<JavaDeathRecipient> origJDR = list->find(recipient);
1215 LOG_FATAL_IF(clazz == NULL, "Unable to find class java.lang.ref.WeakReference");
1222 LOG_FATAL_IF(clazz == NULL, "Unable to find class java.lang.Error");
1226 LOG_FATAL_IF(clazz == NULL, "Unable to find class android.os.BinderProxy");
1247 LOG_FATAL_IF(clazz == NULL, "Unable to find jav

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