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H A DAudioStream.java36 * AudioGroup by calling {@link #join(AudioGroup)} with {@code null} and put it
79 * Joins an {@link AudioGroup}. Each stream can join only one group at a
83 * @param group The AudioGroup to join or {@code null} to leave.
87 public void join(AudioGroup group) { method in class:AudioStream
H A DTracer.java176 log(String.format("%s (%s)", caller, join(", ", arguments)));
213 private static String join(String separator, Object[] strings) { method in class:Tracer
H A DBinTree.h436 /// join - create a leaf node and merge it in the tree.
437 // This version of join determines the direction on compilation time.
442 BinaryTree& join(Pos position, const DataType& value) { function in class:mcld::BinaryTree
H A DThreads.cpp855 status_t Thread::join() function in class:android::Thread
860 "Thread (this=%p): don't call join() from this "
H A DShapeCache.h89 join = SkPaint::kDefault_Join;
101 join = paint->getStrokeJoin();
115 SkPaint::Join join; member in struct:android::uirenderer::ShapeCacheEntry
124 LTE_INT(join) {
H A DTextUtils.java273 public static CharSequence join(Iterable<CharSequence> list) { method in class:TextUtils
275 return join(delimiter, list);
283 public static String join(CharSequence delimiter, Object[] tokens) { method in class:TextUtils
302 public static String join(CharSequence delimiter, Iterable tokens) { method in class:TextUtils
H A DPaint.cpp215 static void setStrokeJoin(JNIEnv* env, jobject clazz, SkPaint* obj, SkPaint::Join join) { argument
216 obj->setStrokeJoin(join);
H A DPaint_Delegate.java744 /*package*/ static void native_setStrokeJoin(int native_object, int join) { argument
751 delegate.mJoin = join;
H A DPaint.java288 * join on a stroked path. The default is MITER.
292 * The outer edges of a join meet at a sharp angle
296 * The outer edges of a join meet in a circular arc.
300 * The outer edges of a join meet with a straight line
794 * Return the paint's stroke join type.
805 * @param join set the paint's Join, used whenever the paint's style is
808 public void setStrokeJoin(Join join) { argument
809 native_setStrokeJoin(mNativePaint, join.nativeInt);
2195 int join);
2194 native_setStrokeJoin(int native_object, int join) argument

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