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H A DPicture.cpp40 SkPicture* picture = NULL; local
43 picture = new SkPicture(strm);
46 return picture;
49 static void killPicture(JNIEnv* env, jobject, SkPicture* picture) { argument
50 SkASSERT(picture);
51 picture->unref();
55 SkPicture* picture) {
57 SkASSERT(picture);
58 picture->draw(canvas);
61 static bool serialize(JNIEnv* env, jobject, SkPicture* picture, argument
54 draw(JNIEnv* env, jobject, SkCanvas* canvas, SkPicture* picture) argument
H A DGraphics.cpp325 SkPicture* GraphicsJNI::getNativePicture(JNIEnv* env, jobject picture) argument
328 SkASSERT(picture);
329 SkASSERT(env->IsInstanceOf(picture, gPicture_class));
330 SkPicture* p = (SkPicture*)env->GetIntField(picture, gPicture_nativeInstanceID);
H A DGraphicsJNI.h44 static SkPicture* getNativePicture(JNIEnv*, jobject picture);
H A DCanvas.cpp441 SkPicture* picture) {
443 SkASSERT(picture);
448 canvas->drawPicture(*picture);
450 ALOGD("---- picture playback %d ms\n", get_thread_msec() - now);
440 drawPicture(JNIEnv* env, jobject, SkCanvas* canvas, SkPicture* picture) argument
H A DPictureDrawable.java31 * Drawable subclass that wraps a Picture, allowing the picture to be used
39 * Construct a new drawable referencing the specified picture. The picture
42 * @param picture The picture to associate with the drawable. May be null.
44 public PictureDrawable(Picture picture) { argument
45 mPicture = picture;
49 * Return the picture associated with the drawable. May be null.
51 * @return the picture associated with the drawable, or null.
58 * Associate a picture wit
62 setPicture(Picture picture) argument
H A DPicture.java23 * A picture records drawing calls (via the canvas returned by beginRecording)
24 * and can then play them back (via picture.draw(canvas) or canvas.drawPicture).
25 * The picture's contents can also be written to a stream, and then later
26 * restored to a new picture (via writeToStream / createFromStream). For most
27 * content (esp. text, lines, rectangles), drawing a sequence from a picture can
28 * be faster than the equivalent API calls, since the picture performs its
47 * Create a picture by making a copy of what has already been recorded in
49 * changes will not be reflected in this picture.
56 * To record a picture, call beginRecording() and then draw into the Canvas
69 * Call endRecording when the picture i
186 drawPicture(Picture picture) argument
H A DCanvas.java1575 * Save the canvas state, draw the picture, and restore the canvas state.
1576 * This differs from picture.draw(canvas), which does not perform any
1579 * @param picture The picture to be drawn
1581 public void drawPicture(Picture picture) { argument
1582 picture.endRecording();
1583 native_drawPicture(mNativeCanvas,;
1587 * Draw the picture, stretched to fit into the dst rectangle.
1589 public void drawPicture(Picture picture, RectF dst) { argument
1592 if (picture
1602 drawPicture(Picture picture, Rect dst) argument
H A DGLES20Canvas.java1017 public void drawPicture(Picture picture) { argument
1018 if (picture.createdFromStream) {
1022 picture.endRecording();
1027 public void drawPicture(Picture picture, Rect dst) { argument
1028 if (picture.createdFromStream) {
1034 if (picture.getWidth() > 0 && picture.getHeight() > 0) {
1035 scale(dst.width() / picture.getWidth(), dst.height() / picture.getHeight());
1037 drawPicture(picture);
1042 drawPicture(Picture picture, RectF dst) argument
H A DFLACExtractor.cpp362 const FLAC__StreamMetadata_Picture *p = &metadata->data.picture;
H A DWebView.java333 * Used to provide notification that the WebView's picture has changed.
334 * See {@link WebView#capturePicture} for details of the picture.
336 * @param view the WebView that owns the picture
337 * @param picture the new picture
341 public void onNewPicture(WebView view, Picture picture); argument
715 * @param dest the file to store the serialized picture data. Will be
716 * overwritten with this WebView's picture data.
717 * @return true if the picture was successfully saved
733 * @param src the file where the picture dat
H A DWebViewClassic.java804 * triggering the layout and drawing the picture. While the same process
981 // If we are using a set picture, don't send view updates to webkit
1201 // Used to track whether picture updating was paused due to a window focus change.
1204 // Used to notify listeners of a new picture.
2305 // Writing the picture succeeded, rename the temporary file
2368 // history picture fields.
5599 // Size changes normally result in a new picture
5600 // Re-set the loaded picture to simulate that
6315 // to get better performance, pause updating the picture
7912 // trigger picture listene
8668 PictureWrapperView(Context context, Picture picture, WebView parent) argument

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