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H A DDrawable.java47 * A Drawable is a general abstraction for "something that can be drawn." Most
48 * often you will deal with Drawable as the type of resource retrieved for
49 * drawing things to the screen; the Drawable class provides a generic API for
51 * Unlike a {@link android.view.View}, a Drawable does not have any facility to
54 * <p>In addition to simple drawing, Drawable provides a number of generic
59 * Drawable where it is drawn and how large it should be. All Drawables
66 * For example, a Drawable that is intended to be the frame for a button
70 * <li> The {@link #setState} method allows the client to tell the Drawable
75 * continuous controller that can modify the Drawable is displayed, such as
79 * <li> A Drawable ca
116 public abstract class Drawable { class
H A DGcSnapshot.java51 * This allows for drawing through {@link #draw(Drawable, Paint_Delegate)} and
52 * {@link #draw(Drawable, Paint_Delegate)}
82 public interface Drawable { interface in class:GcSnapshot
557 * Executes the Drawable's draw method, with a null paint delegate.
562 public void draw(Drawable drawable) {
567 * Executes the Drawable's draw method.
576 public void draw(Drawable drawable, Paint_Delegate paint, boolean compositeOnly,
603 private void drawInLayer(Layer layer, Drawable drawable, Paint_Delegate paint,

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