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2 * describes in high-level the LLVM changes that we cannot push
3 * upstream to the repository:
4 *  - Changes due to Android's build system.
5 *  - Changes due to Android's toolchain.
6 *  - Changes due to the limitations in Android-based consumer electronics.
7 *
8 * Some of them are to-dos. If and when they are done, there will no longer be
9 * merge conflicts with upstream on those parts.
10 *
11 * The file contains useful hints when we try to resolve future 3-way merge
12 * conflicts.
13 */
15* For Honeycomb: Synced to upstream r112344.
16* For Honeycomb MR1: Synced to upstream r119309
17* For Honeycomb MR2: Synced to upstream r119309
18* For Ice Cream Sandwich: Synced to upstream r135569
19* For Ice Cream Sandwich MR1: Synced to upstream r142530
20* For Ice Cream Sandwich MR2: Synced to upstream r146714
21* For Jellybean: Synced to upstream r155090
22* For Jellybean MR1: Synced to upstream r162314
24* Recent downstreaming on 2012/8/23: Synced to r162314 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
25* Recent downstreaming on 2012/8/3: Synced to r160668 (Contact sliao for merge questions.)
26* Cherry-pick on 2012/05/23: (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
27* Recent downstreaming on 2012/4/24: Synced to r155090 (Contact sliao for merge questions.)
28* Recent downstreaming on 2012/3/24: Synced to r153224 (Contact sliao & srhines for merge questions.)
29* Recent downstreaming on 2012/3/5: Synced to r152063 (Contact srhines & sliao for merge questions.)
30* Recent downstreaming on 2011/12/17: Synced to r146714 (Contact loganchien & sliao for merge questions.)
31* Recent downstreaming on 2011/11/26: Synced to r145126 (Contact loganchien & sliao for merge questions.)
32* Recent downstreaming on 2011/11/17: Synced to r144606 (Contact loganchien & sliao for merge questions.)
33* Recent downstreaming on 2011/11/14: Synced to r144354 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
34* Recent downstreaming on 2011/10/22: Synced to r142530 (Contact sliao & loganchien for merge questions.)
35* Recent downstreaming on 2011/7/21:  Synced to r135569 (Contact sliao & loganchien for merge questions.)
36* Recent downstreaming on 2011/7/19:  Synced to r135360 (Contact sliao for merge questions.)
37* Recent downstreaming on 2011/7/2:   Synced to r134306 (Contact sliao for merge questions.)
38* Recent downstreaming on 2011/6/30:  Synced to r133718 (Contact sliao for merge questions.)
39  * This downstreaming could have broken bitcode compatibility
40    * Upstream was migrating from 2.7 bitcode to 3.0 bitcode.
41    * See the 4 commits on 2011/6/17:
42    ==> * 4f6bab9 - Drop the "2" suffix on some enums. (13 days ago) <Chris Lattner>
43    ==> * 96a74c5 - remove support for a bunch of obsolete instruction encodings and other backward compatibility hacks. (13 days ago) <Chris Lattner>
44        * 738f05a - Remove a useless copy of MCELFStreamer. Patch by Logan Chien! (13 days ago) <Benjamin Kramer>
45        * 981d826 - getSuccWeight returns now default 0 if Weights vector is empty. (13 days ago) <Jakub Staszak>
46        * 799a58a55 - missed a file. (13 days ago) <Chris Lattner>
47    ==> * 9d61dd9 - Remove some "2" suffixes from the metadata enums now that "1" is gone. (13 days ago) <Chris Lattner>
48    ==> * 020a5a4 - remove bitcode reader support for LLVM 2.7 metadata encoding. (13 days ago) <Chris Lattner>
49  * We maintain compatibility because Honeycomb SDK is out there.
50    * Our bitcode reader can read both 2.7 and 3.0 versions. Writer is tracking upstream.
51* Recent downstreaming on 2011/6/22:  Synced to r133240 (Contact sliao@ for merge questions.)
52* Recent downstreaming on 2011/4/8:   Synced to r129128 (Contact sliao@ for merge questions.)
53* Recent downstreaming on 2011/3/11:  Synced from r119309 to r127116 (Contact sliao@ for merge questions.)
55* We add 40+ Android's *.mk files that are specific to Android's build system.
57* All the configuration files because we don't have configure/make/make-install
59* Changes for enabling both host and device builds.
61* All the tblgen work to enable Android to build a generator-generator binary
62  and then run it in the middle of Android build process.
64* Explicitly include <cctype> header since is*() are not builtin functions in
65Android toolchain.
67* Code changes to make Android's toolchain stop outputting warnings. (This part
68  should be pushed upstream eventually.)
70* lib/Target/{X86,ARM}/AsmPrinter/{X86,ARM}AsmPrinter.cpp
71   Move from lib/Target/{X86,ARM}/{X86,ARM}AsmPrinter.cpp.
72   AsmPrinter is only needed in Android when disassembly functionality
73      is desired to be included.
75* Our ARM code generation fixes that upstream hasn't accepted yet. (This
76  conflict will be resolved eventually, but there will always be time lag.)
78* Assorted size optimizations because Android-based consumer electronics
79  need them.


1Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)
4This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for the Low Level
5Virtual Machine, a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers,
6optimizers, and runtime environments.
8LLVM is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of
9the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.
11Please see the HTML documentation provided in docs/index.html for further
12assistance with LLVM.
14If you're writing a package for LLVM, see docs/Packaging.html for our