History log of /frameworks/av/camera/ICameraService.cpp
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08ad5efcef90e24db2863c0f85972ed05fe848a2 18-Apr-2012 Wu-cheng Li <wuchengli@google.com> Remove new camera connect API.

Applications are not resumed under the lock screen now.
This API is not needed anymore.

Change-Id: I115daf6b647348617ec0fc05b626878c945b9b29
2fd2440d0175ca3e196b01b7541a9e0d4ed9a694 24-Feb-2012 Wu-cheng Li <wuchengli@google.com> Add a new camera open API that allows taking the ownership.

The purpose is to let face unlock always get the camera
successfully. What happened was the camera applications may
have opened the camera in onResume under the lock screen.
This API lets face unlock take the camera from the camera
application. A new permission will be added, so other
applicatoins won't be able to take the camera from the face


Change-Id: Ib3d9dcbc2161815b68db42327dc01148453704c6
ddbdb35d176266b5ab64c30178f5cb76c5b1b4b4 10-Jun-2010 Chih-Chung Chang <chihchung@google.com> Change camera interface to support multiple cameras.

Change-Id: Ie88fe706d2278acf762eca87780de349434778a4
35a055b8bfc6f3cbea409b2897caf936654519cb 06-May-2010 Chih-Chung Chang <chihchung@google.com> Support multiple cameras in framework.

Change-Id: I081f0fbdca4b633715ea7c3b3d42f8662d27598a
3cf613507f1e2f7bd932d921a6e222e426fd3be4 10-Feb-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> split libsurfaceflinger_client and libcamera_client out of libui