History log of /frameworks/av/include/drm/DrmInfoEvent.h
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79cbc13ede26d08ab6633a042843a9d154c3c166 17-Mar-2011 Gloria Wang <gwang@google.com> Fix for bug 4126103.
mMessage in DrmInfoEvent is a reference to the message string, so the
temporary message created in the plugin was going out of scope and
being destructed while the message was being sent. Changed DrmInfoEvent's
mMessage to be const String8 instead of const String8&

Change-Id: I174197ad24f3df997d3bc1f897658cfc53862636
505bd99ec8bed47c438ac3bb4641ce5f7ba972e7 14-Mar-2011 Gloria Wang <gwang@google.com> For issue 4082089
Add more info and error events into the DRM framework

Change-Id: I0bb3251c5947fc8e977d478e1ba46b242cb97e9d
e943f84129326ab885cc7a69dcfa17f766b72b89 08-Oct-2010 Takeshi Aimi <aimitakeshi@gmail.com> Update of DRM framework

- Overload openDecryptSession() with uri parameter
in order to accept URI of DRM content,
Following API is added,
DecryptHandle*openDecryptSession(const char* uri);.
- Unify texisting three event types of processDrmInfo()
so that caller of DRM framework does not have to handle many event types.
- Let DrmManagerService call load/unload plugins API so that
client of DRM framework does not have to manage plug-in load/unload.
- Trivial fix in DrmManagerClient.java is also incorporated.

Changes are made by Sony Corporation.

Change-Id: If62b47fa0360718fdc943e6e6143671d7db26adc
2272ee27d9022d173b6eab45c409b3c3f57f30ec 20-Sep-2010 Takeshi Aimi <aimitakeshi@gmail.com> Update of DRM framework.

- Change "void" type of return value to "int" for returning status.
- Add some of overloaded Java APIs which accept database Uri as input.
- Add asynchronous APIs
- Add OnEventListener and OnErrorListener for asynchronous APIs
- Disable debug log
- Change decrypt() API to accept an optional buffer needed by some of DRM schemes

Changes are incorporated by Sony Corporation.

Change-Id: I414a165e22cc79be6ea7cd28041788aa2b6b8f7c
27ed8ad2db653f6ac07dcf8bcc05e2409c8bb024 29-Jul-2010 aimitakeshi <aimitakeshi@gmail.com> Initial contribution from Sony Corporation.

Add DRM Framework to support DRM content playback
together with StageFright.

- DRM Framework code is added
- include/drm
- drm
- api/current.xml is updated to include DRM Framework Java APIs
- cmds/servicemanager/service_manager.c is modified
to add drmManager and drmIOService.

Change-Id: I6d7bc9c7067362b500e530988a9ce241761866fb