History log of /frameworks/av/include/media/IEffect.h
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25f4395b932fa9859a6e91ba77c5d20d009da64a 28-Jul-2010 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Audio effects: modified command() parameter types.

The type of the cmd, cmdSize and *pReplySize parameters of the effect control interface command()
function have been modified from int to uint32_t. This is more consistent with their role.

Change-Id: I84d289fc262d6753747910f06f485597dfee6591
d71a1be83ff31cdb6599c351f9832cefc8d447ba 21-May-2010 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Fix issue 2667797: [Audio Effect Framework] new base class and binder interfaces for effect control.

Added IEffect and IEffectClient binder interfaces to exchange effect module control
and status information between application and media server processes.

Change-Id: I10e8e894898e52ed9956a765d0ef7075eb2593af