History log of /frameworks/av/include/media/Metadata.h
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8e51d58fca9b7669f271378f9245e180f4360cbc 23-Jun-2011 Gloria Wang <gwang@google.com> - Public part of the Metadata API.
- Modify the media framework test for Metadata.

Change-Id: Ib8fa4991f114e1bb88a17ca662844b9b8e1d0faf
70f521de2675ce6eedf4b22beed94ea1289b0f38 08-Oct-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Disable 10secs forward/backward seeking for rtsp as seek is a very expensive operation there. Decouple the 10sec forward/backward button functionality from seekbar functionality.

Change-Id: I016e79b688774f8ee91ac53216197b5fb9cb41b2
related-to-bug: 3073955
a64c8c79af1a15911c55306d83a797fa50969f77 21-Jul-2009 niko <niko@google.com> Added native metadata support.

Fixed typo 8k != 8092. The comment was correct though.

In Metadata.h, the new Metadata class is declared in the ns android::media
to limit the chances of conflict with other packages.

The MetadataType in MediaPlayerInterface is gone and moved to Metadata as
an inner typedef.

Similarly the SortedVector<MetadataType> instance have been replace by a
new type Metadata::Filter.

All the keys declared in the java counterpart are also in Metadata.h.

Contains the implementation of the native metadata packing.

There an associated change in the opencore package that should go in
at the same time as this one.