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d4070955e28ae62aa4be1657f9d32acde104bb86 12-Jul-2012 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Remove dead code in libmedia

Change-Id: I7d8201590cda29c9fa99662a4fdba222091febfe
3476de62fb10e76412452ef4c6bd71936c9f7db1 16-Apr-2012 Jean-Michel Trivi <jmtrivi@google.com> Add support for scaling mode parameter


Modify process() function to use new volume scaling parameter,
used to set whether captured values are maximized by current
headroom in the buffer (default existing behaviora) or left
as is and thus affected by volume.

Modify AudioEffect to allow subclasses to override the following
events: control status changed, enable status changed, command
In Visualizer class (a subclass of AudioEffect), reset the
scaling mode and capture size on the actual effect
as cached when control is regained.
This will allow the effect to be properly
configured whenever Visualizers with different scaling
modes or capture sizes are released (e.g. from java
release() method).

Change-Id: I05cb9f925a296dceca91bafa9fe294ef2b2c2bd5
a0d68338a88c2ddb4502f95017b546d603ef1ec7 28-Jan-2012 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Use NULL not 0 for raw pointers

Use if (p != NULL) instead of if (ptr)

Change-Id: Iaec3413a59ccbf233c98fcd918cc7d70ac5da9fa
a9b21c5a7c24fe14d20372263c0bf5faf3d3e348 17-Jan-2012 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Rename Visualizer::mLock

This avoids confusion with parent class AudioEffect's mLock which is

Change-Id: I2ae0b0869fe3c606f682252973795b34477951d0
6d8b694d999e9be7d5dcc336535832a80fb6f61f 24-Jun-2011 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Moved and renamed effect API header files

Moved specific effect header files to
and renamed to lower case (effect_xxx.h).

Change-Id: Icfc2264bfd013cab0395d7e310ada636b9fe3621
dbd2b7e4ebfe7a586b1db4459cf6aa032a7f8719 19-Aug-2010 Chia-chi Yeh <chiachi@android.com> Visualizer: replace the FFT implementation with a faster one.

This implementation uses fixed points instead of floating points. It
is slightly inaccurate compared to the old one but still perfect for
visualization purpose. It runs 40% faster on passion, 5 times faster
on sholes, and of course 14 times faster on sapphire.

Change-Id: I1e868417bcffda091becf106a7b941d02813faec
da7581b7b61b84f15e8d671c86fd117c322b009e 02-Jul-2010 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Added Visualizer effect.

The visualizer enables application to retrieve part of the currently playing audio for visualization purpose.
It is not an audio recording interface and only returns partial and low quality audio content as a waveform or
a frequency representation (FFT).

Removed temporary hack made in MediaPlayer for animated wall papers based on audio visualization (snoop() method.

This commit also includes a change in AudioEffect class:
- the enable()/disable() methods have been replaced bya more standard setEnabled() method.
- some fixes in javadoc

Change-Id: Id092a1340e9e38dae68646ade7be054e3a36980e