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96076964863ee6887f0bed9d0f11f424b48ab9b9 01-Nov-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Make video encoders' bitrate mode (constant, variable, ...) configurable

through the desired output format. Configure the video encoder to use
constant bitrate mode for WFD.

Change-Id: Id7bd619598153c13448a9c5acd69d80f8a01f333
related-to-bug: 7459597
496238cc7551d414067dcbbb4fe3bd801f205f95 14-Sep-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Support IDR requests in wifi display, MediaCodec and ACodec.

Change-Id: I596cf8dd61b63465437f78413186fad2be287244
d7bee3a9d2ad76d073d91f0ee36d5ac5f9df480c 29-Aug-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Initial checkin of support for acting as a wifi display source

Change-Id: I08f17efa0c7d007e17408feb7d4fbef0a19f531a
bc098410be55f9d96f394b3981a0c482b83859b6 22-May-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Tell surface flinger that we want to protect output buffers from being

sent to HDMI (without HDCP) and push a few black frames on IDLE->LOADED
similar to OMXCodec's behaviour.

Change-Id: Iea6055a115151ca881220a70a31af6ade2c58cb3
related-to-bug: 6537187
eb61431af13741aa8b7e57a39f69bba5a6c190dc 11-May-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Increase AAC software decoder's buffer count. Refactor how clients

of ACodec get notified about codec buffers and buffer ids.

Change-Id: I962f873262dae7aa7b43f5f68a6d60268282f91e
related-to-bug: 6478823
2f74ef3cdc192f817ee1121f41765f0852c1d81e 30-Apr-2012 Jean-Michel Trivi <jmtrivi@google.com> OMX IL wrapper for FLAC encoder

Add wrapper around libFLAC for FLAC encoding in OpenMAX IL.

Declare FLAC encoder in OMX component roles.

Bug 5525503

Change-Id: I19bbce41c216870669d09365693f4ea89f8bc0f7
9806555d3930be43e11106281dee354820ac1c88 03-May-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Respect channel mask in ACodec and NuPlayer.

Refactor conversion from MetaData into AMessage while we're at it.

Change-Id: I5479129836ea4316e8de28cf1b472bf19e3ac4ab
related-to-bug: 6439076
8b71241ce7353731ab75322c46e090ee35014a33 27-Apr-2012 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Fix mono gapless playback for decoders that output stereo

The old AAC decoder always outputs stereo, even for mono source material, so we
need to use the number of channels of the output when calculating the number of
bytes to skip, not the number of channels in the source.
This makes OMXCodec skip the right amount of data, and prevents NuPlayer from
writing half a frame and then asserting when the AudioSink doesn't accept it.
Also move use of the SkipCutBuffer from NuPlayer to ACodec, so that it also
works when using the new Java APIs, and make SkipCutBuffer derive from RefBase.

Change-Id: I34df9fea3e6730617eae559afaa556f4085ef0a0
aeb8fd460ed87d032b3fb8bb61e21eb542ce0f5b 19-Apr-2012 Dave Burke <daveburke@google.com> Add Fraunhofer AAC encoder with AAC-ELD support.

Change-Id: I6cd499d257d72f50a5b508bed97796a591a51506
ed3e3e046840d5bf1ca84a8c0cc097425e89d6d6 26-Mar-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Provisional support for secure decryption of media streams.

Change-Id: Ib3982a9c960bfdb0cb7e1b174440b141b194cfbe
afc16d667afa23f5aa00154ccad62f8c45cf5419 01-Mar-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Instead of hardcoding OMX component names in our code, support

a config file instead.

Change-Id: I5835903ab9f1c4a22ccc605ca99ed966767adf57
c95c2ddcdfc974f42408a377fbe2de51b94a8c94 29-Feb-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Separate the notion of "stop" from that of "release", i.e.

stop - means transition back to LOADED state and keeping the component
instance allocated.

release - means we get rid of the component completely.

Change-Id: I40ad01ce70821faaad43f57999249904f9144924
5778822d86b0337407514b9372562b86edfa91cd 21-Feb-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Implementation of a java media codec interface and associated tools.

Change-Id: I13e54062d4de584355c5d82bb027a68aeaf2923b
d3d822204249eaca4259bdf46f6f0357b96e8e21 28-Nov-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> If an error occurs that prevents us from reallocating buffers during a format change

we need to transition to executing state anyway to be able to properly flush/shutdown
in the future.

Change-Id: Ie48bc09ea31942009ae3a5a45aabc9ffad9fb91f
related-to-bug: 5655016
729de186450f78c099637e1fce743fe531862c52 28-Sep-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Support AMR, G.711 and vorbis audio in ACodec and friends.

Change-Id: I08c03219bf2d60fc5c6e89957bd4b4c615570983
dc9bacd838442a524585887e6ea6696836be2eda 26-Sep-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Propagate error signalled by the source all the way to the output EOS notification.

Change-Id: I30e959a6d669f09745c59fbdebee08f869511cf7
related-to-bug: 5372901
cc54fbaa69c0b69929467449d2c19192f15b5039 12-Sep-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Turn an another assertion into a runtime error in ACodec's implementation

Change-Id: I6779b29f200b90d088273ab3204724ef3d8d59bd
related-to-bug: 5284760
c92fd24c10a6bf80b346d7e261325434d9c6964b 16-Aug-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Error handling in ACodec and Nuplayer.

Codec errors (and codec not found errors) now trigger a controlled shutdown
of playback and signal errors to the MediaPlayer client.

Change-Id: I2ee23ff2a1422d05a1a21e50ecb87d7c7ab958cc
27c174483a8ae9688d5d4897c19074f62c7f1701 17-Mar-2011 James Dong <jdong@google.com> Fix missing AOSP copyright headers for a bunch of media framework files

bug - 4119349

Change-Id: If5924e16a5f596d5d73d9beb66eaf5ac9a6f0e50
349d3fcb4afacf754f7b5b5186d2f258f5bf35e7 04-Feb-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Improvements/fixes to ACodec.

- Make sure ACodec reverts its state when it's shutdown
- Defer "resume" to after handling the OutputPortSettingsChange

- If the OMX_EventPortSettingsChanged event comes in while we're flushing, defer it
and make sure the output port can be disabled by deleting all buffers not already
owned by the component.

Change-Id: I1f8cdffa71237b57d4275a48b834647a7b263e8b
31e2508c75018145a8238925ff1a08cbde4e799a 10-Jan-2011 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> NuPlayer now properly sends MEDIA_SET_VIDEOSIZE notifications.

Change-Id: I99b4223ad6ecfd8839a3c0e737fef3165565d76d
related-to-bug: 3336496
2c2814b900a61fa07ddfff860b143fbbe9c740e9 16-Dec-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Properly announce decoder output format changes, make sure AMessage::dup does.

Change-Id: Ia77f6b6d5e5c5055583740dfe876b8a3c22be9b6
f933441648ef6a71dee783d733aac17b9508b452 16-Dec-2010 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Initial support for a true streaming player for mpeg2 transport streams.

Change-Id: I153eec439d260a5524b21270e16d36940ec3161a