History log of /frameworks/av/include/media/stagefright/timedtext/TimedTextDriver.h
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c9729ca1cb1760da836e293e3ed7a82f769f3e07 24-Jul-2012 Insun Kang <insun@google.com> Unifying TimedTextDriver's resume() and start().

(cherry picked from gtv bb23a2b7e06c59f56e353fd4a2a66a9b8179d425)

Change-Id: If5f14549fa315c34e32d6fed7c1ea09deabceb63
bb6bc8491fe819f96e1902e56694715cb110ce94 10-Jul-2012 Insun Kang <insun@google.com> Adds resume() function

o Revived resume() function to fix pause/resume bug. (Bug: 6663740)
o Mannually cherry-picked from GTV change.
(commit: ad1197226d1c6745959f0e469f510ca06f99489f)

Change-Id: I77ac90085fb1f1d2e7eb706642978a4fa4d28b49
692ac36c4b6a09fed5113a4f45f00a041665a769 19-Apr-2012 James Dong <jdong@google.com> Make timed text source type explicit in TimedTextDriver

o related-to-bug: 5542712

Change-Id: Ifdc730e616336e8b16783e8a5766f27df62a0592
eec46abb88dcc50621fd2d3f17a6b8d24fd07a19 12-Apr-2012 James Dong <jdong@google.com> Fix for multiple audio/timed track feature implementation - part one

o getTrackInfo now returns all tracks, rather than just the timed text tracks.
o the index of the track info is kept to the same as the track index if the
track is not from an external source
o correctly maps the selectTrack() and unselectTrack() calls to the right
track index

1) note that the selectTrack() and unselectTrack() only works for timed text
track at present; 2) the lock is timed text specific

o related-to-bug: 6110705

Change-Id: Ib1feeef2184bc992930ace0d1197b6c00a2636d7
613c8ae1b7a2b4f43b33a72dc2fff0bc8b7d4c6f 13-Apr-2012 James Dong <jdong@google.com> Add external timed text source using a passed file descriptor

o Also fixed a minor issue where the file length should be of type off64_t rather than size_t

o related-to-bug: 5542712

Change-Id: I35fd8ceea0bc75e553b7f4a99932cf58ea560c4e
f9d660a5e0196240add5daf0199f128d471e592c 16-Feb-2012 Insun Kang <insun@google.com> Defines MediaPlayer APIs to support multiple audio/video/timedtext

o Newly introduced APIs are (MediaPlayer):
getTrackInfo() / addExternalSource() / enableTrack() / disableTrack().

o Timed text tracks are supported only, for now.

o TODOs:
- Define the audio/video behavior for enableTrack and disableTrack.
- Refactoring AwesomePlayer / TimedTextDriver so that all types of
track index can be managed in the correct order and be ready for
supporting audio/video tracks.
(MediaExtractor and MediaSource for text file might be necessary.)

Change-Id: Idb85e1b3f2ed49a64f377d05472dd6663ce94e07
3254b25e8b0f674ccc2226609e01dd86a600802e 27-Feb-2012 Insun Kang <insun@google.com> Moves TimedTextDriver.h into include/media/stagefright/timedtext.

So that other players can include TimedTextDriver.h properly.

Change-Id: I15e72bf655de8555eef6244a6c853c27a0828a1d