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f5c5d22c471f399f215662a8e471bf02b5b6bcfa 09-Apr-2010 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix issue #2581524: Car home icon should always go to car home

Rework how switching between modes work so the caller can tell us
whether they want to go to home. (So car home launcher can now
tell us they always want to go home.)

Change-Id: Id4a8129027d6d162b4bae6f983911f1f4bf2578f
d49258fed489bcd72a2b2a6ce3a3c38d4b2531e6 26-Mar-2010 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Fix issue #2544466: Car Home brightness icon comes and goes while phone is in car dock in FRE83

There was a really dumb bug that was causing us to not always apply
the new configuration. As a result of fixing this, there were new
glithes in the transition between car and regular mode, so further
work here to fix that. And since I was actually working during the
night and seeing night mode, I noticed how obnoxiously bright the
status bar is compared to the car home at night, so it now nicely
dims itself when we switch to the night config. Oh and in doing
that I also found and fixed a bug in dispatching config changes to
a window (where they wouldn't get dispatched if the window didn't

FINALLY... tweak the wallpaper enter/exit animations a bit to
make them a little smoother.

Change-Id: I4e062093cbcfbc919307799a794846db2920216f
7299c41630935a2b106e73e5603579a7747f7535 05-Mar-2010 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Refactor car mode.

Extract all UI behavior from dock observer and ACTION_DOCK_EVENT.

Also introduce a desk type to go along with the car type all through
the resource system, since we now need to have corresponding high-level
broadcasts for desk dock mode. As part of that I also reworked some
of the logic for switching modes to all funnel through a single
update() call that looks all of the current state to decide what to
do next, and fixed various locking issues.

In addition I found there were bugs in the configuration change
handling causing us to only switch into the car mode config and
then never get out of it. Unfortunately now that we are actually
changing the configuration for each mode change, the transitions
between them are really crummy as we restart all kinds of
activities. :(
27b28b3f62bd3b54fa13acd5d035940b9be464f3 09-Feb-2010 Tobias Haamel <haamel@google.com> Introduce special UI modes for night and car usage.

The device mode is now called ui mode. Furthermore is the order of
precedence for the resources now in such a way that the ui mode needs
to be specified after the orientation and before the density.

The ui mode can be set, like it is done for the locale, as follows:

IActivityManager am = ActivityManagerNative.getDefault();
Configuration config = am.getConfiguration();
config.uiMode = Configuration.UI_MODE_TYPE_CAR | Configuration.UI_MODE_NIGHT_ANY;

To allow users to disable the car mode and set the night mode the IUiModeManager
interface is used.

The automatic night mode switching will be added in a separate change.