History log of /frameworks/base/core/java/android/content/EntityIterator.java
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d5e4fdc8a4743abc0d9fe3cb952a78f9ad078c6b 31-Mar-2010 Fred Quintana <fredq@google.com> some changes due to an API review
- make EntityIterator extend Iterator and thus not throw a
RemoteException, instead converting it into a RuntimeException.
- rename ActiveSyncInfo to SyncInfo
- change getActiveSync to getCurrentSync
- remove the accessors in SyncInfo and instead make the final
fields publicly accessible
- made AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter.cancelSync not take a thread

Change-Id: I99fde5585bc5f1e95f4873ffbba189074a8d6372
2ec6c5699181316e5a5c2cd293c006ac4a8bb101 10-Dec-2009 Fred Quintana <fredq@google.com> am 328c0e79: - removed the concept of Entity from the ContentProvider APIs - removed the parcelling ability from Entity and EntityIterator and made them public - added an EntityIterator abstract implementation that allow easy wrapping of a Cursor - changed the VCard c

Merge commit '328c0e7986aa6bb7752ec6de3da9c999920bb55f' into eclair-mr2-plus-aosp

* commit '328c0e7986aa6bb7752ec6de3da9c999920bb55f':
- removed the concept of Entity from the ContentProvider APIs
5bba632d877c2878384ff21566c8eb6a1a22f37b 05-Oct-2009 Fred Quintana <fredq@google.com> - hide Entity and all its references
- remove updateEntity and insertEntity, since they are not
- add the RawContacts.Entity class, which is used in lieu of the
77709755b74bcc852cd511ff833c2827c0f0e1aa 21-Aug-2009 Fred Quintana <fredq@google.com> - add a reset to EntityIterator to allow it to go back to the beginning
- clean up the debug printing of SyncResult
03d9490758c9318cee6d14d3cc5007556dce92d0 22-May-2009 Fred Quintana <fredq@google.com> - create a new generic ISyncAdapter implementation, SyncAdapterNew
- change the applyBatch to take an ArrayList rather than an []
- change Entity to be a final flass that contains ContentValues
- remove the ability to update/insert Entities by a ContentProviderOperation
6a8d5332f00bdfade6674b312e7166940aa28348 08-May-2009 Fred Quintana <fredq@google.com> content provider entities