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0aaa0d931716e9f57a1d84d795fab2df75092756 13-Sep-2011 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Add verifier device identity

This adds a special device identifier that is usable only for device
validation. The user will be presented with this number encoded in
easily-transcribable Base32 in the Developer options of Settings.

Change-Id: I4843f55ee90d689a51d0269b22454ca04c1be7ec
0e2c0f37d98bb5539b0fe41865aaf1add0ff1bb3 16-Apr-2011 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Break apart queries to getInstalled* API

To avoid blowing past the Binder IPC limit, change the
PackageManagerService to have a DB-like interaction where the client
tells the service the last "row" that it read.

The fact that we use a HashMap instead of a TreeMap makes this
problematic. For now we're just making a new ArrayList for the keys and
then sorting them for each call. This can make the API slower for callers
of this, but it's probably greatly overshadowed by the cost of the data
transfer itself.

Bug: 4064282
Change-Id: Ic370fd148d4c3813ae4f2daffa1a7c28d63d5a09