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3bc6bbc92cd2095f42039b5aadd0a14d0e5d9230 06-Oct-2011 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Clean up CursorWindow code.
Bug: 5332296

The code is functionally equivalent, but a little more efficient
and much easier to maintain.

Change-Id: I90670a13799df05831843a5137ab234929281b7c
6141e13f6e84846ae531358a8bcbf6d2102b1bd4 24-Dec-2010 Vasu Nori <vnori@google.com> when cursorwindow allocation fails, print the number of cursors left open

the reason for bug:3281533, bug:3127159 is probably too many cursors are left
un-closed in the process.
print the info on the number of cursors left open when the exception
"cursorwindow allocation failed" occurs.
This should help us figure out if that indeed is the reason
and which process is leaving the cursors open.

Change-Id: I4b46be63f5dfbe9b102ad7a9cf9dd21e70f71e14