History log of /frameworks/base/core/java/com/android/internal/widget/LockSettingsService.java
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61f57379ca2c5b6290c8da7548fa17128f7ab24f 31-Aug-2012 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Centralize the creation of the user system directory

Environment.getUserSystemDirectory(int userId)

Use it all relevant places that was hardcoding it.
Also, wipe out the user's system directory when user is removed, otherwise old state
might be transferred to a new user.

Change-Id: I788ce9c4cf9624229e65efa7047bc0c019ccef0a
f02b60aa4f367516f40cf3d60fffae0c6fe3e1b8 16-Aug-2012 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Rename UserId to UserHandle.

This is the start of turning this into a formal public API.

Change-Id: I5786d2c320f1de41a06ed5d0f65adb68967287a0
d1645f8d0f30709340eb6b6d6da5022bbab77024 12-Jun-2012 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Disable lockscreen using a system property.

For factory testing.

Change-Id: Ie5b8be432ab8ad40d8752f978899987c95a5aef9
52c489cd63cca0361f374f7cb392018fabfa8bcc 28-Mar-2012 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Lockscreen settings per user

Move all lockscreen related settings to LockSettingsService.
LockPatternUtils uses this through IPC instead of Secure settings.
Migrate old settings to new database managed by LockSettingsService.
Passwords and patterns are stored in a new per-user location, except
for the primary user, for backward compatibility.
KeyguardViewMediator and LockPatternKeyguardView listen for changes
to user and updates the lockscreen.

Settings provider will look for Lock settings in the LockSettings
service now for the entries that used to be stored in Settings.

Change-Id: I956cd5b95e2d9d45a6401af7e270e6a5aa2dcc98