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855255d89fe0a14abe796355bebb64031ec6ff47 09-Apr-2012 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio preprocessing: added static factory method

Added static methods to check availability and create audio preprocessing

Change-Id: I945e97fe41912ff8880befacaba162a08b5a1267
5bb8f80fc4a72ad70d7d38cdc9f7988edce476e4 24-Jul-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Fix typo in error message, missing space

Change-Id: Icdddbf2fddb81a1db538dd94fb25cf859e44bfbd
62f3617f2f4016ad2f59635d5156d64872989880 14-Aug-2011 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Deprecate use of some audio effects on output mix.

The possibility for applications to apply insert audio effects
(Equalizer, BassBoost, Virtualizer) on global output mix has brought up
a number of issue.

This change updates the java doc for audio effects indicating that
application should not apply insert effects globaly anymore as this behavior
will soon be deprecated.

The audio framework will still allow global insert effects during an interim
period but will give the priority to effects inserted on particular player by
disabling global effects when both are present.


Change-Id: If87f1944a0409d45d8d2eee66ff331f95965ca89
0f7f4ece1b6b73caf608d533d833a8cdc11c8131 24-Jul-2011 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Added APIs for audio preprocessing

Added APIs to control pre processes applied on captured audio.
Those APIs are still hidden until reviewed by API council.

Three types of standard pre processes are supported:
- Automatic Gain Control (AGC) by AutomaticGainControl class
- Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) by AcousticEchoCanceler class
- Noise Suppression (NS) by NoiseSuppressor class

A method is added to AudioEffect class to query audio pre processings
applied by default by the platform on a given AudioRecord session ID.

Change-Id: I0b9fceeb8c704dd06319c3b52b85c96fe871d51d
602b3286ffe7da6e70bf2d9e4861a5d74ff7c473 18-Mar-2011 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Fix issue 3509396: AudioEffect.getParameter JAVA.

Removed dead/buggy code in AudioEffect.getParameter() and
AudioEffect.command() that was meant to return the actual length of
meaningful data in the returned parameter or command reply.

This is replaced by the method return status indicating this length when
positive (negative return codes still indicate the same errors as before).

Modified automated AudioEffect tests accordingly.

Change-Id: Ie89617f912766b8dee73b81f92af9c48027c982d
ed6eae420fd60dcb7d90f54c3116959b75bd6276 18-Jan-2011 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Fix typo

Change-Id: I73e7c5cf13c5ed82398006af61308665eb1d3ad0
1a5149e5d7f2dddc8b324f7695e69fd89af73c52 22-Sep-2010 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> Fix issue 3022800.

- Created sub-package android.media.audiofx for audio effects.
- Hid AudioEffect class contructor, methods and variables not needed by
- Added more javadoc comments for AudioEffect Class

Change-Id: Ibbb40d4e714bb248aa32cf82d7763d74efae96d1