History log of /system/core/adb/fdevent.h
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408fa57864c01113deaa213e5c1848a9c594ae92 16-Mar-2011 JP Abgrall <jpa@google.com> adb: fix subprocess exit handling, oom adjust fixes, extra debugging.

* Add support for correctly handling subprocess termination in shell service (b/3400254 b/3482112 b/2249397)
- have a waitpid() track the subprocess, then notify the fdevent via a socket
- force an eof on the pty master in fdevent's new subproc handler.
- modify fdevent to force-read the pty after an exit.
* Migrate the "shell:blabla" handling to "#if !ADB_HOST" sections, where it
* Fix the race around OOM adjusting.
- Do it in the child before exec() instead of the in the parent as the
child could already have started or not (no /proc/pid/... yet).
* Allow for multi-threaded D() invocations to not clobber each other.
- Allow locks across object files.
- Add lock within D()
- Make sure sysdesp init (mutex init also) is called early.
* Add some missing close(fd) calls
- Match similar existing practices near dup2()
* Add extra D() invocations related to FD handling.
* Warn about using debugging as stderr/stdout is used for protocol.
* Fix some errno handling and make D() correctly handle it.
* Add new adb trace_mask: services.
* Make fdevent_loop's handle BADFDs more gracefully (could occur some subproc closed its pts explicitely).
* Remove obsolete commandline args reported in help. (b/3509092)

Change-Id: I928287fdf4f1a86777e22ce105f9581685f46e35
f6330a2eeb78c0971f33feee7fd1ee06472a7dba 18-May-2009 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> Cleaning up whitespace in adb sources. Nothing more, nothing less.
414ff7d98ac8d7610a26206335954ad15f43f3ac 18-May-2009 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> Move fdevent from libcutils into adb directory. ADB is the only client of this API, and I intend to modify it extensively to clean its codebase soon.