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e109d266c12c5f537d429ca4b892f2719e02c2da 20-Apr-2012 Scott Anderson <saa@android.com> adb: Add ability to specify device path

For manufacturing and testing, there is a need to talk to
whatever device is connected to a given port on the host. This
change modifies adb's "-s" option to take either a serial
number or a device path. The device paths of the connected
devices can be listed using "adb devices -l" whose output
will resemble:

List of devices attached
016B75D60A00600D usb:2-5 device
3031D0B2E71D00EC usb:1-4.3 device

The second column lists the device paths. If the -l option is
not given, the output from "adb devices" will be the same as
it used to be (i.e. the paths will not be printed).

The device path can also be obtained with the get-devpath

$adb -s 3031D0B2E71D00EC get-devpath

Note that the format of the device paths are platform dependent.
The example above is from Linux. On OS-X, the paths will be
"usb:" followed by hex digits. For other platforms, the device
paths will be printed as "????????????" and the -s option will
not be able to select a device until someone implements the
underlying functionality.

Change-Id: I057d5d9f8c5bb72eddf5b8088aae110763f809d7
Signed-off-by: Scott Anderson <saa@android.com>
3b226f9e3b893a3e088d7b854b0e7c523e79063f 24-Oct-2009 Alexey Tarasov <tarasov@dodologics.com> FreeBSD support for usb-connected devices in adb

FreeBSD (and other systems as well) may use libusb to work with USB devices.
libusb is integrated in FreeBSD base system in recent builds (8.0+),
however in other systems it may need include libusb.h like <libusb/libusb.h>
and install library from devel/libusb port or other repository.

Submitted change not supports events (attach/detach) as libusb 1.0 lacks
such functionality and in order to make code more portable I've not used
workarounds as in earlier changeset.

Code was tested on FreeBSD 8.0-RC1, HTC Hero (1.0.0.A6288, Android 1.5)