History log of /system/core/debuggerd/vfp.S
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e951f60e77a986494fafeadf53ba726fe79c498d 09-Mar-2010 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> Use arch flags instead of TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT, and add support for VFP_D16

Change-Id: I6007ff21076e92b04a17fb030472a9f8842f0315
bdcff7d66ef8f6602e017d03cf4ffa57bac39b92 17-Dec-2009 Ben Cheng <bccheng@google.com> Dump VFP registers and status word when native app crashes.

Bug: 2226399
Caveat: d0/d1 appear to be clobbered by ptrace. It will be tracked by a new bug.