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e3aeeb4de34dbb93e832e6554f494122ba633f3b 08-Mar-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> Try to unmount writable filesystems when rebooting

Ext4 filesystems like to be unmounted before rebooting. The Android system
doesn't have a traditional Linux init setup, and shutting down the system
was not much more than calling sync(2) and reboot(2). This adds a new
function to libcutils called android_reboot(). By default, it calls sync()
and then remounts all writable filesystems as read-only and marks them clean.
There is a flag parameter in which the caller can ask for sync() not to be
called, or to not remount the filesystems as read-only. Then it will call
reboot(2) as directed by the other parameters. This change also updates
adb, init and toolbox to call the new android_reboot() function.
Fixes bugs 3350709 and 3495575.

Change-Id: I16d71ffce3134310d7a260f61ec6f4dd204124a7