History log of /system/core/include/netutils/ifc.h
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3cac204d3537c6a356c922bffb07fcb97f5bb0c7 28-Jul-2012 Ed Heyl <ed@google.com> Merge remote-tracking branch 'goog/jb-dev-mako' into jb-mr1-dev
22bb8fc5fe7c10fb9c7b8c4cfeb244c837e3e0c7 24-Jul-2012 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> netutils: Make visible prefixLengthToIpv4Netmask() function

Change-Id: I316b192ce753daa838ea44001f899ea508adf75c
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
7c3d1c291ab5f9efb2efcfd5def1baeea1255917 08-Nov-2011 Alex Yakavenka <ayakav@codeaurora.org> Export flags needed for ifc_reset_connections API in netutils

Code using ifc_reset_connections api needs to have access to
predefined masks for reset_mask parameter

Change-Id: I90bc5e1b62ae4a88501c8ad4e353c0d93d319579
47ddb515b7d59b29d83628c1b4e48642dc0e49ba 26-Sep-2011 Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo@google.com> Support adding, deleting, and clearing IPv6 addrs.

- Provide a function to add and delete IPv4/IPv6 addresses
using netlink.
- Provide a function that clears all IP addresses on an
interface that can be used by netd.

Also, a couple of cleanups:

- Update the header file to match reality, and include the
header file in the implementation. Also fix a caller that
has an incorrect method signature.
- Fix whitespace in Android.mk.

Change-Id: Ifba9d60cdfffb0b7e5c3b9c6ab328f5f77d259c4
979203ee34084327bf4f20ad1f878450de94826e 07-Jul-2011 Wink Saville <wink@google.com> Add reset_mask as parameter to ifc_reset_connections

The reset_mask allows either IPv4 and or IPv6 connections
of an interface to be reset.

Bug: 4981919
Change-Id: Id2d9ab90e30091d3d0764c66d4b01b73c0edbfcc
09dd819d2794caf1a17cd03592c100755fb25577 02-Feb-2011 Robert Greenwalt <rgreenwalt@google.com> Stop using netmask in the framework

This pushes prefixLength down as far as we can.

Change-Id: I94b7cde9d10e97ee2c071d92f25555cff5934f0b
9092b91ccaa4c6069036f72163e6473a5ca408c4 27-Jan-2011 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> libnetutils: Clean all IPs assigned to the interface on cleaning

Change-Id: Ic285bbb4b224fc4e62e88e76b8b448edbe814a17
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
8984bb9691f8d3e2665f7aae0896b9bd2ade0c19 10-Aug-2010 Banavathu, Srinivas Naik <snb@codeaurora.org> Add API to add a route to IPv4/IPv6 host/gateway.

Add API to create a route to an IPv4/IPv6 host/gateway through a particular

Change-Id: I0ab5d2d211e0fc05f65ee6bb202b7f435cccae2a
c88e09cb98fb3690c3cf49f5a825532e0d9bf300 09-Jun-2010 Szymon Jakubczak <szym@google.com> - creates proper ifc.h and dhcp.h headers for libnetutils
- adds ifc_set_hwaddr
- adds hwaddr command to netcfg
- code reuse: dhcp_configure calls ifc_configure; inet_ntoa is used for printing
- consistency: use net.XXX.dnsX properties in favor of dhcp.XXX.dnsX properties
(see related change to WifiStateTracker)
- updated system/core/nexus to use new headers, although not sure if
anybody still uses nexus

Change-Id: Idd70c0ac6e89b38e86816578c33eff805d30cac4