History log of /system/core/libsuspend/autosuspend_earlysuspend.c
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f25dd878dfeba87a3c2b868e07cb550061f670b4 14-Jun-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> libsuspend: wait for earlysuspend transition to finish

Wait for the early suspend transition to finish to the point where
surfaceflinger would previously have synchronized. This is important
during screen on, to ensure the display early suspend handlers have
completed before surfaceflinger unblanks.

Change-Id: I91ac0253d9655c3f1ae3dd7f1a918c279568b23e
2146b7f2d7f8e9320d8ec5581c61e14f243ee97c 07-Jun-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> libsuspend: always unblock early suspend

SurfaceFlinger and PowerManagerService manage their synchronization
without the help of early suspend, and SurfaceFlinger no longer unblocks
early suspend. Add a new thread when early suspend is detected that will
immediately unblock early suspend.

Change-Id: I87ef4984a2ab34cbbb3af8b7762236b9a92dc2ea
a2582c2c4d20684b21aaf50913a27239789bf5eb 04-May-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> libsuspend: create new library to handle triggering suspend

libsuspend provides functions autosuspend_enable() and
autosuspend_disable() to trigger suspend on a variety of different

Change-Id: I5dc28fb51532fa7c514330f1cfde7698d31d734c