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a503456526359767ffb383a06835308f62172dde 16-Sep-2011 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> emulator: Move qemu-props to core service

The qemu-props program is launched at boot to read a series of
system property assignments from the emulator and apply them.

This is necessary to deal with the dynamic nature of the emulated
platform (e.g. the screen density which depends on the skin and
cannot be hard-coded in the platform image).

This patch ensures that qemu-props is started before any other
service that may read one of these properties (e.g. surface flinger).
This is done by encapsulating the program into a 'core' service.
Core services are all stared before regular ones.

Before the patch, qemu-props was started manually inside a script
that is called from a late emulator-specific boot service

The problem was that sometimes qemu-props was run too late.
This resulted in random flakiness, especially when running
on a low-end host machine.

Fix for bug 2161189 (and probably a few others)

Change-Id: I2933a25dcb5fecbb1fc238f157264e621b8f295b
eeeca4dd45899c20d4fc187c59bda58af43352f2 18-Jan-2011 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> rootdir: goldfish: Fix network route during emulation.

The net.eth0.gw system property is used by the ConnectivityService
to set the default route when it detects that 3G connectivity is
established. Because the property was undefined, the route was
unset which broke networking.

+ Format / document init.goldfish.sh

Change-Id: I1133cf6c093609300315cd0ea363c9e139b42521
95df887ac0cd2fab3f5d3148feb7839b5f65223f 06-Jan-2011 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> rootdir: Fix system emulation startup.

This fixes the goldfish-specific config scripts used by init and ueventd
to properly setup the system under emulation. This fixes a lot of broken-ess
introduced by recent permission changes in the system.

Note that there are still several problems after this patch is applied, but
at least it becomes possible to get an adb connection to the emulated system,

Change-Id: Iff47bbf0fe5cb759fa93089284bb0f71e32405a2
2a743730c7d1a8adba8a922f7af46cef0b35363a 18-Jan-2010 Dries Harnie <botje.linux@gmail.com> Userland support for VM interconnection

Change-Id: I699608f3072b39c8da1a7cc313bd0b736e90f225
15681df3563dbea684b7cd27c85af5bde7cd153e 28-Nov-2008 Simon Braunschmidt <simon.braunschmidt@gmail.com> BUGFIX - ro.kernel.android.{qemud | ril} and ro.android.noril

This fixes both a typo and the fact that sh seems not to have
test or [.
(see also sh/builtins.def: ##testcmd commented out)

The handling of these properties was broken, having the effect
that the Modem in ... internal/telephony/test/Simulated*.java
was never run, even if it would have been the users/developers

See also issue #1380

Signed-off-by: Simon.Braunschmidt@gmail.com>
653164b6a0febe3c6b8dcdf0c5367ad0fefc313f 26-May-2009 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> Modify init.goldfish.sh to launch the 'qemu-props' program when the emulator boots up.
Its purpose is to receive a list of system property (name,value) pairs and set them on launch.
dd7bc3319deb2b77c5d07a51b7d6cd7e11b5beb0 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
e54eebbf1a908d65ee8cf80bab62821c05666d70 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
4f6e8d7a00cbeda1e70cc15be9c4af1018bdad53 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution