History log of /system/extras/ext4_utils/ext4fixup.c
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dc5abeee1e6fc4827ee0d5ece12aaed2dd56f4c7 24-Apr-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> Refactor sparse file support into libsparse

Minimal refactoring of output_file.c into libsparse in preparation
for completely separating libsparse from ext4_utils.

Moves output_file.c, backed_block.c, and parts of ext4_utils.c
into libsparse. The only changes to the remanining files in
ext4_utils are using the new sparse.h header, and moving the
wipe call out of output_file.c and into make_ext4fs.c.

Change-Id: I1f66f6c3e05230a350023c5b4ea4422f16a73c4b
4605b3fb8a00fa37f617a8d0fe3a095d0503a845 04-Feb-2012 Raphael Moll <raphael@google.com> Adapt ext4_utils for windows.

This is not a full port of ext4_utils for windows.
Instead it merely enables use to use the library
for the 'create an empty fs image' functionality
as used by 'fastboot format'.

Change-Id: Ia1ffacd64e4233c4fbb369c4ac5927ccd72ac526
7e5ff13c55eb29748c07768bd7134819cbcbd4b0 23-Jun-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> Add test/debugging code to ext4fixup

Add debugging test code to specify where to bail partway through
Add a script to drive the test code for automated testing. This
found 4 bugs!

Change-Id: I14dc8b1e2c9d2d2f332346958d488feaf768d396
97fc910ce0e05862888fd1d9e1938feba40f7539 23-Jun-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> Fixes for ext4fixup.

Add check for filesystem that needs the journal run
Fix check for a cleanly unmounted filesystem.
Fix computation of new inode number
Fix check in two places for high bit being set on inode num
Only run sanity check pass if filesystem fixup state is unset
(i.e. not partway through the conversion)

Change-Id: Ib5521e7f3c04d32c02d9890644a99378e3a3659e
671cd2188e2f224aaeac4955785199f228235719 10-Jun-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> ext4fixup tool to fix wonky filesystems made by old version of make_ext4fs

The filesystems made by make_ext4fs for the Gingerbread and initial Honeycomb
releases did not round up the number of inodes/block_group to use all the
space available. This worked, but newer kernels have additional code that
refuses to write to these filesystems. There is a kernel patch available
to fix the problem in the kernel, but this tool was also written to fixup
the filesystems to be compliant with the new kernels.

Change-Id: I317b02ee2132ce6a0daeb4d1b40ad5ef57a0fb32