History log of /system/extras/ext4_utils/ext4fixup.h
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7e5ff13c55eb29748c07768bd7134819cbcbd4b0 23-Jun-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> Add test/debugging code to ext4fixup

Add debugging test code to specify where to bail partway through
Add a script to drive the test code for automated testing. This
found 4 bugs!

Change-Id: I14dc8b1e2c9d2d2f332346958d488feaf768d396
671cd2188e2f224aaeac4955785199f228235719 10-Jun-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> ext4fixup tool to fix wonky filesystems made by old version of make_ext4fs

The filesystems made by make_ext4fs for the Gingerbread and initial Honeycomb
releases did not round up the number of inodes/block_group to use all the
space available. This worked, but newer kernels have additional code that
refuses to write to these filesystems. There is a kernel patch available
to fix the problem in the kernel, but this tool was also written to fixup
the filesystems to be compliant with the new kernels.

Change-Id: I317b02ee2132ce6a0daeb4d1b40ad5ef57a0fb32