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4605b3fb8a00fa37f617a8d0fe3a095d0503a845 04-Feb-2012 Raphael Moll <raphael@google.com> Adapt ext4_utils for windows.

This is not a full port of ext4_utils for windows.
Instead it merely enables use to use the library
for the 'create an empty fs image' functionality
as used by 'fastboot format'.

Change-Id: Ia1ffacd64e4233c4fbb369c4ac5927ccd72ac526
ec0a2e83dc66d67addeb90e83144187691852a3e 11-Jun-2010 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> Initial commit of ext4_utils

Change-Id: I911d5b7fd7170ec81d544850717d8e69976e272b