History log of /system/extras/fatblock/fs.c
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957010bef327f255cdb6909109a1f31b5ee8f443 08-Feb-2011 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Fix for X86 target

The X86 target couldn't compile some tests that use assembly, but it can
compile other things that now depend on some projects in the test subdir
(namely libtestUtil for OpenGL tests)

Also fatblock was including <sys/endian.h> directly instead of
<endian.h> which broke some stuff on X86

Change-Id: Ib71a6e548189ca2eacfd0caa7dbd17d200efd0ea
0cb61411eadd92b7202e045c1c9ec8df7fb636fe 05-Aug-2010 Thomas Tuttle <ttuttle@google.com> fatblock: Various cleanup efforts

Change-Id: I15bc23163aa53f8dfee978b619649c7751d5bb4b
f79b2dff1024db4f6326f3422236bed169dd902f 19-Jul-2010 Thomas Tuttle <ttuttle@google.com> fatblock: Program to offer dir as FAT32 filesystem using ublock

Change-Id: I6712e062e17b02c453ce89a52000cd8bc3ee810d