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80cb15504324667c9934ff350afff48881613393 11-May-2012 JP Abgrall <jpa@google.com> Ignore SIGPIPE is some of the tools used via dumpstate

adb bugreport > b & sleep 5; kill $?
will show that a bunch of tools will SIGPIPE when trying to output data
which is normal.
We don't have a way on linux (bsd yes), to set NOSIGPIPE on the file desc
passed down via fork/exec.

Bug: 6447319
Change-Id: I1634a00a155fd8a3fd827aa4a77e94518534336c
83b0b0a57a0c20984e207e4d6987faeba736140c 05-Nov-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Include the shared memory and slab memory in procrank output.

Change-Id: I0dac539c220fda867ce166d78dc898a8ec7aa18a
e9eeec84408d01bf56b9297125a2ebc2638344c8 18-Jul-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add information about totals to procrank.

Now print a sum of all pss and uss at then end of the output, and
then print information from /proc/meminfo to help put those in

Change-Id: I323d219820830e9435bb4dcfd78cbb9a3d6c129c
eff788820689e7c2bfd456934e8132a381b31235 13-Jul-2011 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> Detect an error case and prevent printing an uninitialized variable

pm_process_usage can return an error, and leave procs[i]->usage
unitialized. Detect the error case and print a warning. Also
make the initialization of procs[i]->usage to 0 unconditional,
so nothing will be printed in the final procrank stats when an
error is detected.

Change-Id: I03f90ae6a5ebb201b6e9e43593cec225e1a8ded0
b56034796a7cadee89c4cd5e3c0f0730193231de 17-Nov-2010 Olivier Bailly <olivier@google.com> Add missing include headers for compilation on Intel SDK for Google TV.

Change-Id: I172667643e13e2e1c278fd4c0156d5a2445d79f7
16abe7acb8f1dbeb8b9b1dc41061a53dcbfea851 21-Sep-2010 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Better handling for the process info array

We have phones that have more than 256 PIDs running at one time right
now, so don't segmentation fault when that condition happens.

Free all proc info after it ahs been used.

Also if a process goes away before we read its process name, just print
"<unknown>" instead.

Change-Id: Ia3899be61b047852f62bf3cc6f30eb2fcd797a61
e16cb84e2324f05334d18dcf5956f20f44262b62 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
19ddb4b1680760e2d6863c3003976882ebd9d0fa 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
7341494707810f709855ea85ce03a8ec3ac8dbaf 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution