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80cb15504324667c9934ff350afff48881613393 11-May-2012 JP Abgrall <jpa@google.com> Ignore SIGPIPE is some of the tools used via dumpstate

adb bugreport > b & sleep 5; kill $?
will show that a bunch of tools will SIGPIPE when trying to output data
which is normal.
We don't have a way on linux (bsd yes), to set NOSIGPIPE on the file desc
passed down via fork/exec.

Bug: 6447319
Change-Id: I1634a00a155fd8a3fd827aa4a77e94518534336c
d3cb030b4df7fd8fbdfa503840740592fc7061a3 18-Nov-2011 Nick Kralevich <nnk@google.com> Don't assume that the stack is always at 0x1000000.

With our ASLR changes, the stack is now located at a random
location in memory. Remove the hardcoded assumption that the
stack will always be between 0x10000000 and 0x40000000.

Change-Id: Ic0b6d9e3ae844f057ace81a982cec7e2b344e179
42ec73551a7ed4798de53cb8ed3b34fa964dde98 04-Nov-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> showmap now includes the number of maps in a row.

Change-Id: Ie8c5d01322ec7a2995a35ea050b38cc299568075
f95601708a46c098582eb836fe25889866858ad9 12-Jul-2011 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> showmap enhancements

Fixed a bug where maps were being coalesced even when they were
not necessarily coalesced.

Enhanced the BSS segment detection heuristic so that it takes
the map start / end addresses into account and displays the
inferred map type directly.

Automatically sort all maps by name or address as appropriate.

Fixed a bug parsing maps with paths that contain whitespace.

Enhanced the -a argument to show the same columns as the normal
mode but just prefixed with the virtual memory map information.

Change-Id: Ice78afb0c5b597683cb1a1ba65e3c10f10258f7c
fda77ea946fa4c58775d5ff63895cf9d41d3b568 06-Jul-2011 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> More robust parsing for smaps

Change-Id: Ica273bf302bbc5025e48aa62eff5bf64fbdcac77
89f9b9118a393ca5ca16467ec9e5e3e4a84690b5 18-May-2009 San Mehat <san@google.com> showmap: Add support for 2.6.29

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
e16cb84e2324f05334d18dcf5956f20f44262b62 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
19ddb4b1680760e2d6863c3003976882ebd9d0fa 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
4c644e5265bd0c62e28a7a20bb36def738e960e9 11-Feb-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //branches/cupcake/...@130745
7341494707810f709855ea85ce03a8ec3ac8dbaf 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution