History log of /system/extras/tests/sdcard/plot_sdcard.py
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d989a8e37771a2f97b1c6ec45f29bb1bc94e7299 20-Oct-2009 Nicolas Catania <niko@google.com> Added check for the version of Gnuplot.

Must be 1.8
906d825d7033339bb37d7415bce77089bec3a2b6 16-Oct-2009 Nicolas Catania <niko@google.com> Fixed the plotting script to work with latest kernel version.

Added a README file with basic instructions to build and
run the tests.
d6079c62819b4c022fe23e5101ca5382fbedb10f 03-Jun-2009 Nicolas Catania <niko@google.com> Added main with command line args to plot the data.

New shell script to generate scalability data.

Fixed copyright notice.
Fixed incomplete metadata issue when debugfs was not mounted.
39c016f875b793296a121f41de5775b88f6fa1c9 19-May-2009 Nicolas Catania <niko@google.com> Load test for the sdcard.

Simulate loads on the sdcard for write, read and open operations using
one or more process.

The number of processes to run concurently can be specified on the command line.
The size of the file and the number of iterations (for averaging result) are
also a command line flag.

The user can have summary of the performance plus the raw data for
processing with a separate tool.

There is a basic python script to help plotting the result.