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54     InterfaceConfiguration getInterfaceConfig(String iface);
59 void setInterfaceConfig(String iface, in InterfaceConfiguration cfg);
64 void clearInterfaceAddresses(String iface);
69 void setInterfaceDown(String iface);
74 void setInterfaceUp(String iface);
79 void setInterfaceIpv6PrivacyExtensions(String iface, boolean enable);
84 void disableIpv6(String iface);
89 void enableIpv6(String iface);
95 RouteInfo[] getRoutes(String iface);
100 void addRoute(String iface, in RouteInfo route);
105 void removeRoute(String iface, in RouteInfo route);
112 void addSecondaryRoute(String iface, in RouteInfo route);
117 void removeSecondaryRoute(String iface, in RouteInfo route);
157 void startReverseTethering(in String iface);
167 void tetherInterface(String iface);
172 void untetherInterface(String iface);
231 void startAccessPoint(in WifiConfiguration wifiConfig, String iface);
236 void stopAccessPoint(String iface);
241 void setAccessPoint(in WifiConfiguration wifiConfig, String iface);
276 void setInterfaceQuota(String iface, long quotaBytes);
281 void removeInterfaceQuota(String iface);
284 * Set alert for an interface; requires that iface already has quota.
286 void setInterfaceAlert(String iface, long alertBytes);
291 void removeInterfaceAlert(String iface);
311 void setInterfaceThrottle(String iface, int rxKbps, int txKbps);
317 int getInterfaceRxThrottle(String iface);
323 int getInterfaceTxThrottle(String iface);
330 * {@code iface}.
332 * {@code label} usually represents the network type of {@code iface}.
333 * Caller should ensure that {@code label} for an {@code iface} remains the
339 void addIdleTimer(String iface, int timeout, String label);
344 void removeIdleTimer(String iface);
349 void setDefaultInterfaceForDns(String iface);
354 void setDnsServersForInterface(String iface, in String[] servers);
364 void flushInterfaceDnsCache(String iface);
368 void setFirewallInterfaceRule(String iface, boolean allow);