Lines Matching defs:object

236     JavaBBinder(JNIEnv* env, jobject object)
237 : mVM(jnienv_to_javavm(env)), mObject(env->NewGlobalRef(object))
249 jobject object() const
268 ALOGV("onTransact() on %p calling object %p in env %p vm %p\n", this, mObject, env, mVM);
389 JavaDeathRecipient(JNIEnv* env, jobject object, const sp<DeathRecipientList>& list)
390 : mVM(jnienv_to_javavm(env)), mObject(env->NewGlobalRef(object)),
394 // The list holds a strong reference to this object.
463 ALOGW("BinderProxy being destroyed; unable to get DR object name");
500 // to the list are holding references on the list object. Only when they are torn
561 jobject object = static_cast<JavaBBinder*>(val.get())->object();
562 LOGDEATH("objectForBinder %p: it's our own %p!\n", val.get(), object);
563 return object;
571 jobject object = (jobject)val->findObject(&gBinderProxyOffsets);
572 if (object != NULL) {
573 jobject res = env->CallObjectMethod(object, gWeakReferenceOffsets.mGet);
578 LOGDEATH("Proxy object %p of IBinder %p no longer in working set!!!", object, val.get());
581 env->DeleteGlobalRef(object);
584 object = env->NewObject(gBinderProxyOffsets.mClass, gBinderProxyOffsets.mConstructor);
585 if (object != NULL) {
586 LOGDEATH("objectForBinder %p: created new proxy %p !\n", val.get(), object);
587 // The proxy holds a reference to the native object.
588 env->SetIntField(object, gBinderProxyOffsets.mObject, (int)val.get());
589 val->incStrong(object);
591 // The native object needs to hold a weak reference back to the
594 env->GetObjectField(object, gBinderProxyOffsets.mSelf));
601 env->SetIntField(object, gBinderProxyOffsets.mOrgue, reinterpret_cast<jint>(drl.get()));
603 // Note that a new object reference has been created.
608 return object;
626 ALOGW("ibinderForJavaObject: %p is not a Binder object", obj);
938 "No binder found for object");
1071 ALOGV("Java code calling transact on %p in Java object %p with code %d\n",