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17 package;
24 import;
25 import;
26 import;
27 import;
28 import;
29 import;
30 import;
53 * When a p2p connection is formed over wifi, the device continues to maintain the uplink
58 * {@link #initialize} before doing any p2p operation.
68 * ,forms a p2p group or there is an explicit {@link #stopPeerDiscovery}.
79 * Wi-Fi devices that do not support p2p, an app can create a group using {@link #createGroup}
86 * if the current device is a p2p group owner. A p2p client can thus communicate with
87 * the p2p group owner through a socket connection.
101 * prior to setting up a Wi-fi p2p connection with the device.
106 * to establishing a p2p connection. A call to {@link #removeLocalService} removes a local
139 * Broadcast intent action to indicate whether Wi-Fi p2p is enabled or disabled. An
146 "";
149 * The lookup key for an int that indicates whether Wi-Fi p2p is enabled or disabled.
158 * Wi-Fi p2p is disabled.
165 * Wi-Fi p2p is enabled.
172 * Broadcast intent action indicating that the state of Wi-Fi p2p connectivity
173 * has changed. One extra {@link #EXTRA_WIFI_P2P_INFO} provides the p2p connection info in
182 "";
185 * The lookup key for a {@link} object
219 "";
231 "";
234 * The lookup key for an int that indicates whether p2p discovery has started or stopped.
243 * p2p discovery has stopped
250 * p2p discovery has started
261 "";
264 * The lookup key for a {@link} object
274 "";
298 * The lookup key for a {@link} object
305 * The lookup key for a {@link} object
485 * Indicates that the operation failed because p2p is unsupported on the device.
546 * @param info Wi-Fi p2p connection info
554 * The requested p2p group info is available
555 * @param group Wi-Fi p2p group info
664 * @param config p2p configuration.
689 * The requested stored p2p group info list is available
690 * @param groups Wi-Fi p2p group info list
696 * A channel that connects the application to the Wifi p2p framework.
697 * Most p2p operations require a Channel as an argument. An instance of Channel is obtained
920 * must be the first to be called before any p2p operations are performed.
925 * @return Channel instance that is necessary for performing any further p2p operations
950 * a p2p group is formed. Register for {@link #WIFI_P2P_PEERS_CHANGED_ACTION} intent to
981 * Start a p2p connection to a device with the specified configuration.
991 * <p> If the current device is not part of a p2p group, a connect request initiates
994 * <p> If the current device is part of an existing p2p group or has created
995 * a p2p group with {@link #createGroup}, an invitation to join the group is sent to
1008 * Cancel any ongoing p2p group negotiation
1024 * Create a p2p group with the current device as the group owner. This essentially creates
1025 * an access point that can accept connections from legacy clients as well as other p2p
1030 * to form a p2p connection with a legacy client
1049 * Remove the current p2p group.
1286 * Request p2p group info.
1297 * Set p2p device name.
1318 * Set dialog listener to over-ride system dialogs on p2p events. This function
1361 * <p>The persistent p2p group list stored in the system can be obtained by
1366 * @param netId he network id of the p2p group.
1376 * Request a list of all the persistent p2p groups stored in system.