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H A Dloghack.h31 #define ALOGD(...) ALOG("D", __VA_ARGS__) macro
H A Dpacket.c34 #define ALOGD printf macro
182 ALOGD("Packet is too small (%d) to be a UDP datagram", nread);
186 ALOGD("Not a valid IP packet");
190 ALOGD("Packet was truncated (read %d, needed %d)", nread, ntohs(packet.ip.tot_len));
194 ALOGD("IP protocol (%d) is not UDP", packet.ip.protocol);
198 ALOGD("UDP dest port (%d) is not DHCP client", ntohs(packet.udp.dest));
H A Difc_utils.c49 #define ALOGD printf macro
684 ALOGD("failed to remove route for %s to %s: %s",
750 ALOGD("failed to add %s as default route for %s: %s",
771 ALOGD("failed to remove default route for %s: %s", ifname, strerror(errno));
H A Dlog.h100 #ifndef ALOGD
101 #define ALOGD(...) ((void)ALOG(LOG_DEBUG, LOG_TAG, __VA_ARGS__)) macro

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