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H A DApplicationParameter.java86 public static class FORMAT { class in class:ApplicationParameter.TRIPLET_VALUE
H A DAudioMixer.h68 FORMAT = 0x4001, enumerator in enum:android::AudioMixer::__anon927
H A DIAudioFlinger.cpp36 FORMAT, enumerator in enum:android::__anon474
205 remote()->transact(FORMAT, data, &reply);
772 case FORMAT: {
H A DAbstractMessageParser.java658 FORMAT ("format"), // subtype of HTML enum constant in enum:AbstractMessageParser.Token.Type
668 //stringreps for HTML and FORMAT don't really matter
1183 super(Type.FORMAT, String.valueOf(ch));
H A DMediaStore.java467 public static final String FORMAT = "format"; field in interface:MediaStore.Files.FileColumns

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