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H A DIntentFilter.java39 * Structured description of Intent values to be matched. An IntentFilter can
44 * <p>IntentFilter objects are often created in XML as part of a package's
83 * for an IntentFilter to match an Intent, three conditions must hold:
94 * used for the MIME sub-type, in both the Intent and IntentFilter, so that the
126 * that unlike the action, an IntentFilter with no categories
129 public class IntentFilter implements Parcelable { class in inherits:Parcelable
315 * Create a new IntentFilter instance with a specified action and MIME
323 * @return A new IntentFilter for the given action and type.
325 * @see #IntentFilter(String, String)
327 public static IntentFilter creat
338 public IntentFilter() { method in class:IntentFilter
350 public IntentFilter(String action) { method in class:IntentFilter
372 public IntentFilter(String action, String dataType) method in class:IntentFilter
385 public IntentFilter(IntentFilter o) { method in class:IntentFilter
1413 private IntentFilter(Parcel source) { method in class:IntentFilter

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