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H A DARMAssembler.cpp255 void ARMAssembler::SMULL(int cc, int s, function in class:android::ARMAssembler
258 "SMULL(r%u,r%u,r%u,r%u)", RdLo,RdHi,Rm,Rs);
H A DARMAssemblerProxy.cpp180 void ARMAssemblerProxy::SMULL(int cc, int s, function in class:android::ARMAssemblerProxy
182 mTarget->SMULL(cc, s, RdLo, RdHi, Rm, Rs);
H A DMIPSAssembler.cpp665 void ArmToMipsAssembler::SMULL(int cc, int s, function in class:android::ArmToMipsAssembler
668 "SMULL(r%u,r%u,r%u,r%u)", RdLo,RdHi,Rm,Rs);
677 LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL("Condition on SMULL must be on 64-bit result\n");

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