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H A DIMediaPlayer.cpp247 status_t getMetadata(bool update_only, bool apply_filter, Parcel *reply) argument
253 request.writeInt32(apply_filter);
475 bool apply_filter = static_cast<bool>(data.readInt32()); local
476 const status_t retcode = getMetadata(update_only, apply_filter, reply);
H A Dmediaplayer.cpp215 status_t MediaPlayer::getMetadata(bool update_only, bool apply_filter, Parcel *metadata) argument
222 return mPlayer->getMetadata(update_only, apply_filter, metadata);
H A Dandroid_media_MediaPlayer.cpp574 jboolean apply_filter, jobject reply)
594 return media_player->getMetadata(update_only, apply_filter, metadata) == OK;
573 android_media_MediaPlayer_getMetadata(JNIEnv *env, jobject thiz, jboolean update_only, jboolean apply_filter, jobject reply) argument
H A DMediaPlayerService.cpp791 bool update_only, bool apply_filter, Parcel *reply)
790 getMetadata( bool update_only, bool apply_filter, Parcel *reply) argument
H A DMediaPlayer.java1191 * @param apply_filter if true only metadata that matches the
1200 final boolean apply_filter) {
1204 if (!native_getMetadata(update_only, apply_filter, reply)) {
1547 * @param apply_filter If true, once the metadata set has been built based on
1554 boolean apply_filter,
1199 getMetadata(final boolean update_only, final boolean apply_filter) argument
1553 native_getMetadata(boolean update_only, boolean apply_filter, Parcel reply) argument

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