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H A DFullBackupDataOutput.java1 package;
7 * to a full backup data set, via its {@link BackupAgent#onFullBackup(FullBackupDataOutput)}
H A DBackupHelper.java17 package;
23 * when dispatching backup and restore operations to the installed helpers.
29 * created by other components within the backup system. Invocations of multiple
32 * produced during the previous backup operation.
49 * written during this helper's previous backup operation, and the {@code newState}
51 * new state after performing the backup operation.
57 * last backup state provided by the application. May be
59 * provided and the application should perform a full backup.
61 * pointing to the backup data destination.
62 * Typically the application will use backup helpe
H A DFullBackupAgent.java17 package;
23 * Simple concrete class that merely provides the default BackupAgent full backup/restore
33 // Doesn't do incremental backup/restore
39 // Doesn't do incremental backup/restore
H A DAbsoluteFileBackupHelper.java17 package;
H A DBackupAgentHelper.java17 package;
25 * heterogeneous data sets within the backup data, each identified by a unique
26 * key prefix. When processing a backup or restore operation, the BackupAgentHelper
31 * backup agent. Then, within the agent's {@link BackupAgent#onCreate() onCreate()}
36 * <ul><li>{@link FileBackupHelper} - Manages the backup and restore of entire files
38 * <li>{@link SharedPreferencesBackupHelper} - Manages the backup and restore of an
48 * <a href="{@docRoot}guide/topics/data/backup.html">Data Backup</a> developer guide.</p>
61 * Run the backup process on each of the configured handlers.
85 * must have a prefix string that is unique within this backup agent's set of
89 * @param helper A backup/restor
H A DBackupDataInputStream.java17 package;
98 * Report the key string associated with this entity within the backup data set.
H A DBackupManager.java17 package;
19 import;
20 import;
21 import;
28 * The interface through which an application interacts with the Android backup service to
29 * request backup and restore operations.
33 * call to {@link #dataChanged()} will notify the backup service. The system
34 * will then schedule a backup operation to occur in the near future. Repeated
35 * calls to {@link #dataChanged()} have no further effect until the backup
38 * A backup o
H A DFileBackupHelper.java17 package;
27 * {@link} to manage the backup of a set of
28 * files. Whenever backup is performed, all files changed since the last backup
29 * will be saved in their entirety. When backup first occurs,
47 * Construct a helper to manage backup/restore of entire files within the
50 * @param context The backup agent's Context object
70 * {@link, BackupDataOutput, ParcelFileDescriptor)}
H A DRestoreObserver.java17 package;
20 import;
30 * {@link} method.
32 * @param result An array of {@link RestoreSet} objects
61 * indication of the backup manager's progress through the overall restore process.
H A DRestoreSet.java17 package;
42 * Token that identifies this backup set unambiguously to the backup/restore
H A DSharedPreferencesBackupHelper.java17 package;
29 * {@link} to manage the backup of
30 * {@link android.content.SharedPreferences}. Whenever a backup is performed, it
32 * backup operation.
34 * To use this class, the application's backup agent class should extend
35 * {@link}. Then, in the agent's
37 * allocated and installed as a backup/restore handler within the BackupAgentHelper
38 * framework. For example, an agent supporting backup and restore for
42 * import
H A DBackupDataOutput.java17 package;
26 * information to the backup data set, via its {@link
28 * onBackup()} method. Data written for backup is presented
32 * To commit a data record to the backup transport, the agent's
40 * Entity key strings are considered to be unique within a given application's backup
41 * data set. If a backup agent writes a new entity under an existing key string, its value will
77 * Mark the beginning of one record in the backup data stream. This must be called before
82 * @return The number of bytes written to the backup stream
95 * Write a chunk of data under the current entity to the backup transport.
H A DBackupDataInput.java17 package;
24 * information from the backup data set, via its
30 * byte array that holds the raw data saved in the remote backup.
174 * for further processing. This allows a {@link} to
H A DBackupHelperDispatcher.java17 package;
94 // do the backup
H A DWallpaperBackupHelper.java17 package;
H A DFileBackupHelperBase.java17 package;
27 * Base class for the {@link} implementation.
H A DFullBackup.java17 package;
34 * Global constant definitions et cetera related to the full-backup-to-fd
147 // Now twiddle the state to match the backup, assuming all went well
H A DRestoreSession.java17 package;
19 import;
20 import;
21 import;
22 import;
45 * the restore set lookup by the backup transport. This parameter must not be
124 * Restore a single application from backup. The data will be restored from the
125 * current backup dataset if the given package has stored data there, or from
127 * backup dataset has no matching data. If no backup dat
H A DBackupAgent.java17 package;
20 import;
43 * application and Android's data backup infrastructure. An application that wishes
44 * to participate in the backup and restore mechanism will declare a subclass of
45 * {@link}, implement the
48 * and provide the name of its backup agent class in its {@code AndroidManifest.xml} file via
56 * <a href="{@docRoot}guide/topics/data/backup.html">Data Backup</a> developer guide.</p></div>
62 * {@link BackupManager.dataChanged()} method.
64 * to update its backup image. The Backup Manager, in turn, schedules a
65 * backup pas
H A DBackupConstants.java17 package;
20 * Constants used internally between the backup manager and its transports
H A DLocalTransport.java17 package;
19 import;
20 import;
21 import;
51 = "";
60 private File mDataDir = new File(Environment.getDownloadCacheDirectory(), "backup");
83 // any time is a good time for local backup
145 Log.v(TAG, "Exception reading backup input:", e);
251 Log.e(TAG, "Unable to read backup records", e);
H A DServerRequestHandler.java159 * @param backup <code>true</code> if the client requests that the server
171 public int onSetPath(HeaderSet request, HeaderSet reply, boolean backup, boolean create) { argument
H A DClientSession.java282 public HeaderSet setPath(HeaderSet header, boolean backup, boolean create) throws IOException { argument
323 * The backup flag bit is bit 0 so if we add 1, this will set that bit
325 if (backup) {
H A DWindowManager.java1437 // internal buffer to backup/restore parameters under compatibility mode.
1679 void backup() { method in class:WindowManager.LayoutParams
1680 int[] backup = mCompatibilityParamsBackup;
1681 if (backup == null) {
1682 // we backup 4 elements, x, y, width, height
1683 backup = mCompatibilityParamsBackup = new int[4];
1685 backup[0] = x;
1686 backup[1] = y;
1687 backup[2] = width;
1688 backup[

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