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H A DDumpPublicKey.java42 static int check(RSAPublicKey key) throws Exception { method in class:DumpPublicKey
71 int version = check(key);
140 check(key);
H A Dalias.c179 lookupalias(char *name, int check) argument
185 if (check && (ap->flag & ALIASINUSE))
H A DFat.cpp48 int Fat::check(const char *fsPath) { function in class:Fat
69 SLOGI("Filesystem check completed OK");
73 SLOGE("Filesystem check failed (not a FAT filesystem)");
83 SLOGE("Failing check after too many rechecks");
88 SLOGE("Filesystem check failed (unknown exit code %d)", rc);
H A Dusb_linux.c86 static int check(void *_desc, int len, unsigned type, int size) function
115 if(check(ptr, len, USB_DT_DEVICE, USB_DT_DEVICE_SIZE))
121 if(check(ptr, len, USB_DT_CONFIG, USB_DT_CONFIG_SIZE))
201 if(check(ptr, len, USB_DT_INTERFACE, USB_DT_INTERFACE_SIZE))
214 if(check(ptr, len, USB_DT_ENDPOINT, USB_DT_ENDPOINT_SIZE))
H A Dsysdeps_win32.c1291 int (*check) ( EventHook hook ); member in struct:EventHookRec_
1318 hook->check = NULL;
1397 /* this should update start/stop/check/peek */
1713 * like mouse movements. we need to filter these with the "check" function
1720 (!hook->check || hook->check(hook)) )
2076 hook->check = _event_socket_check;

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