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H A Dlogd_write.c225 void __android_log_assert(const char *cond, const char *tag, argument
236 /* Msg not provided, log condition. N.B. Do not use cond directly as
240 if (cond)
241 snprintf(buf, LOG_BUF_SIZE, "Assertion failed: %s", cond);
H A Derror.c154 exverror(int cond, const char *msg, va_list ap) argument
161 TRACE(("exverror(%d, \"", cond));
165 TRACE(("exverror(%d, NULL) pid=%d\n", cond, getpid()));
171 exraise(cond);
189 exerror(int cond, const char *msg, ...) argument
194 exverror(cond, msg, ap);
H A Decho_reference.c62 pthread_cond_t cond; // condition signaled when data is ready to read member in struct:echo_reference
277 pthread_cond_signal(&er->cond);
333 pthread_cond_timedwait_relative_np(&er->cond, &er->lock, &ts);
463 pthread_cond_signal(&er->cond);
H A DCommandListener.cpp990 void CommandListener::BandwidthControlCmd::sendGenericOkFail(SocketClient *cli, int cond) { argument
991 if (!cond) {
1340 int CommandListener::FirewallCmd::sendGenericOkFail(SocketClient *cli, int cond) { argument
1341 if (!cond) {
H A DMIPSAssembler.h227 } cond; member in class:android::ArmToMipsAssembler

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